I am not trying to oppose your view and opinion, however I...

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I am not trying to oppose your view and opinion, however I strongly disagree dear friend and compatriot.

I doubt it that Preval is trying to amass or accumulating power by decree to stay in power.

One of the main problem why Haiti has never move past its political instability is because Haitians have never allowed any Presidents of Government to establish any kind of Consistency of Order and rules of laws to properly govern the Country.

Thus, no firm foundations never get to be implaced given the level of impatience of the Haitian people themselves hoping to see change take place overnight yet are doing nothing in their parts to contribute to the welfare of the Country itself.

This negative idealism that exists in the Haitian people is that they can not allow a president to finish his mandated terms simply because they can not see the changes that are taking place in the Country with their eyes, so in their mind they believe no changes are taking place given Haiti's long ill mannered political and economical problems which go way further into the History of the country itself.

Many changes that will be taking place in Haiti obviously will not be conventionally visible and apparent to the naked eye to see. Certain level of foundations need to be emplimented by laying the framework for following presidents to follow.

You have to listen to yourself or read what you are writing as you go ans see the nature of the things you are saying.

Such as how you mentioned that "His alcoholism is destroying his liver and he may soon die. One bullet can put a stop to all his machinations and that the Haitian will soon force him out without finishing his constitutional term as an elected President." You see, that goes to shows the very mentality of the Haitian people how they think they can each time destabilize the country with horrendous murder, chaos and bitter resentments by forming rivals out of each other.

Haiti is not at that intellectual political level to even have such high standard politics.

The Haitian Government is not the one taking Haitian Diaspora for granted, it is the other way around.

Hispanolanoyosoy, March 28 2008, 2:03 PM

Topic: Haiti : collective suicide?

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