It's is about time some other true patriot, nationalist and...

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It's is about time some other true patriot, nationalist and visionary Haitian Brother or Sister, beside of course myself, express the true feeling of what's going on in our beloved-Haiti.Yes, PaPa Doc was not a fake democrat, yes he was a true dictator in the proper sense of the word.But, he was a qualify president, he was a true patriot in his own way, oh yes he was also the last visionary president our beloved-haiti had.:Just for history sake for those who were 10 years old or younger...During PaPa Doc the Haitian dollar was equated to the Us dollar meaning
5 gourdes to 1 US dollar...electricty 24/7...we ate our own rice from Lester or the the dept of Artibonite, ciment d'Haiti provided all the ciments for the only industry that's still very strong(construction) no small thanks to the diaspora community, minotry d'Haiti made all the flowers for our daily breads, and lastly...Hasco provided us with (sucre rouge et sucre blanc) all those sugar cane used to come from Leogane...without going any further...please..before some of you start calling me ''Makout''be true to yourself and your
one disagree that Papa doc was a dictator and yes too many times some of his cronies went too far...Please do the math. of how many of our Haitians brothers and sisters who have lost their jobs to no fault of their own, the infratractures lost, the taxes lost to the gov.ect..ect..all that for the sake of a fake democracies under the gun of occupied forces...Now, What do we have...a puppet restavek to the UN...he does'nt hide his true feeling about the suffering and the destruction of my beloved-Haiti...where do I start..we are imported 80% of our foods, sadly and stupidely from Dominican Republic...kidnappings that was something no one ever heard of during the Duvaliers, zinglendous,gabages all over
Port-au-Prince, and for Christ sake the bidonvillezation of the entire metropolitan more grande rue(boulevard JeanJacques dessalines)no more proper stations for public transportation(tat-tap).

.no more vehicles regulations in the country...anything goes...When I was growing up around the metropolitan area of Haiti.

Under papa doc Port-au-Prince was very clean from now the famed carrefour d'aviation allway to l'eglise St charles de Carrefour...we had a movie theater in each community...meaning airport cine at carrefour d'aviation not to far from the former cite Simone Ovide Duvalier(it was a nice public housing community)olympic at portail Leogane...senegal at Matissant...Cric-crac a carrefour, salomon cine at mache salomon...magic cine at rue du centre not too far from bel-air...cine union at rue pave and of course, we had capitol, paramount,rex theatre and triomphe at Champs-de mars...Petion-ville had two...cabanon and etoile we had three drve-ins...yes people we used to have drive-ins theater in point is Haiti was better under the duvaliers socially, fanancially,culturally and politically...yes the country was stable...Do most Haitians in the diaspora community really give a f...of what the forreign soliers are doing right now in this moment to our future children,
our women, our boys and our girls...?

All these crimes has been very well documented...Please, oreo-Haitians..the Duvaliers left Haiti since 1986...have the courage to tell the Haitian people that the aristide/preval puppet gov has been and still is very destructive to our beloved-Haiti...

Dessalines, March 25 2008, 10:32 AM

Topic: Haiti’s Poverty Stirs Nostalgia For The Old Days

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It's is about time some other true patriot,nationalist and visionary Haitian Brother or Sister,beside of course... read more >
Dessalines, 25-Mar-08 10:32 am
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Beauvais Villatre, 25-Mar-08 2:08 pm
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Lamartini Re, 25-Mar-08 2:28 pm
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Wilgeens Rosenberg, 25-Mar-08 5:53 pm
That was page one of the New York Times read page 2 as well. I am staying out of the sad thing called politics... read more >
Claude, 25-Mar-08 6:28 pm
No my friend, you are right in many aspect of your analysis. Given the nature of the word Dictator, it is only a bad... read more >
Wilgeens Rosenberg, 25-Mar-08 6:41 pm
Dessalines, we both cherish our beloved Haiti but we must set the record straigtht for the sake of historical... read more >
Rubens F. Titus, 26-Mar-08 1:26 am
Dear "M*O*R*O*N", foolish "S O.B" "stu pido", MOTHERless "f. u. ck", fils de "pu t e" "sal aud", "salo-pri" dog "f a... read more >
La Lionne, 26-Mar-08 2:24 pm
Firts,I thank you for trying to set the record straight for the sake of historical accuracy...but what i've stated was... read more >
Dessalines, 26-Mar-08 4:14 pm
Dessalines: The good old days weren't so good for everyone and the future is not as bad as it seems. Our beloved Haiti... read more >
Rft, 26-Mar-08 4:38 pm
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