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Dear President Rene Preval, I am Joseph Fremont( Cazalais) and I am indeed satisfying the way you are managing Haiti;however, you and alexie had promesed to build Cazale's road, but your did not do it; I hope one day that the haitian gorvernment take a dessision to build our road and also I am studying hard at Miami-Dade College to become a nurse;however, it is not easy for me because I don't have financial aid and yet it essetial that you presure president Bush to guve us tps, and that would be good for me to continue with my study.

If Haiti's situation was good, I would ask the haitian government to give me a scholarship to study, but because Haiti is passing a bad moment, I can not ask for any thing, thanks.

Joseph Fremont, March 25 2008, 1:04 PM

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