Haiti is the way it is today because of decades of Duvalier...

Beauvais Villatre - March 25 2008, 2:08 PM

Haiti is the way it is today because of decades of Duvalier and his cronies mismanagement (father and son) and the looting of billions of dollars by all those people out of Haiti.

Haiti lost the best of its population: engineers, architectures, doctors, writers.

poets, educators, lawyers, accountants, philosophers, businessmen and their businesses, and generations more of investors and their children and grand children.

Haiti lost what over 20thousand people to Duvalier sanguinary regime.

Is that the cost you are willing to overlook, since it did not happen to you or your son or your family.

Haiti lost hundreds of thousands of skilled workers.

Mass migration of Haitians started under the Duvalier regime.

Non combatants, civilians, mostly educated people and families, children, even babies were tortured and massacred under a number any small pretexts.

Businessmen were harassed and coerced into funding money to Duvalier when he was short of cash to pay government workers for that month.

The economy could not have been that good back then. Haiti is left with a growing uneducated, mostly young and peasant population, who are doing whatever they can to survive.

Haiti had a puppet senate and legislative house back then. Haiti lost those cinemas and all the other stuff because those who owned them, and those who could afford to pay for their services moved on, its called supply and demand, as an economist one would think you would understand that much. Haitian population has grown from 6million during the time of Duvalier to almost 9 million in the new millennium.

The electricity 24/7 was due because of lessor demand and due to less developed areas.

Duvalier himself was a restavek to the United States.

Who mostly benefited from Duvalier's small enterprises?

mostly his cronies and their families not the mass population as a whole.

Where are the schools and universities that Duvalier could have built?.

Where are the public housing for all the poor that Duvalier could have created.

I don't think Haitians realize that people should not be living in those type of bidonvilles houses in the 21century.

Where are the roads and infrastructures?

And gold and petroleum mining that Duvalier could have created.

(Yes they were aware that there were petroleum available under the ground even back then) Where was the big tourist industry that Duvalier could have created "with all that security" with myriads of resorts to give the economy a boost for the next few decades.

Where are the farms or collective farms that Duvalier could have launched.

Haiti has a security problem due to all the criminals that the USA has been returning to Haiti, along with the drugs and lack of jobs and high cost of living.

All those people lost!! Given a chance the Business class would have developed a lot more businesses that would have benefited the entire population as a whole.

Haiti would have been at or about the same level of development as the Dominican Republic.

People with your way of thinking make me sick. Nations of People in general do not enjoy any dictator telling them what to do, how to live or else. Dictators usually have a short lifespan.

There is nothing more dangerous than a fool with a limited view and limited way of thinking who thinks he knows it all and what is best for everyone else. None of the greatest countries in the world and the greatest economies achieved their success with any dictators.

Wake up and smell the roses.

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