There's been a misunderstanding, the word "nigga" was used to...

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There's been a misunderstanding, the word "nigga" was used to reference the slang term for "brother" or "fam" not to be mistaken for the word nigger.

Congratulations on landing the position at a "major corp".

I decided to choose another route and opened my own business:, it has a long way to go in terms of notoriety and capital but it is doing well so far with sales grossing $5000/ in two weeks.

As stated before, that is a meager salary, compared to that of a "major corp" but we just started.

How are things in the state of Texas?

Do you still travel to and fro New York or you have made the decision to become a permanent resident?

Byandsel, March 5 2008, 6:55 PM

Topic: More technology in Haiti

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Damn nigga, you mad illiterate. It didnt dawn on you take an english lesson? ~ Bouvilcouture read more >
Byandsel, 5-Mar-08 5:38 pm
I did take a lesson or two knowing that I'm an eBusiness consultant for a major corp. I disagree with being a Nigger... read more >
, 5-Mar-08 6:41 pm
There's been a misunderstanding, the word "nigga" was used to reference the slang term for "brother" or "fam" not to... read more >
Byandsel, 5-Mar-08 6:55 pm
It is rather unusual you decide to insult me when I only wanted to voice my opinion. I don't intend to compete with... read more >
Saurel, 5-Mar-08 7:09 pm
Mr. you should do a better job networking for your business. Here you are talking to an eBusiness... read more >
Saurel, 5-Mar-08 7:30 pm
I totally agree with Saurel, lets not use our time discussing issues of color, unless its green. Green is what... read more >
Mts Ads, 8-Jul-08 5:51 pm
This is not the place to advertise one's business, rather a forum for Haitians and concerned citizens of the world to... read more >
Ti Rouge, 8-Jul-08 6:05 pm
Haiti needs to get bombed. Bunch of big nose N199 at $. MTS ill buy an ad, get rid of Haiti. Why is it that you put a... read more >
Anti-haiti, 4-Aug-08 7:36 pm
Saurel, How are you going to bring technology to Haiti where there is no electricity? Isn't technology go together... read more >
Tiba, 5-Aug-08 5:38 am
I'm sadden to see people like you feels it is necessary to criticize people who indeed need help instead of criticism... read more >
Saurel Dominique, 5-Aug-09 10:28 am
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