Mr. you should do a better job networking for...

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Mr. you should do a better job networking for your business.

Here you are talking to an eBusiness expert and you decided to gear the conversation on slang like "nigga" and insults this is a problem with us haitians that I'm trying hard to understand.

This word "nigga" is slang for nigger not brother and I refuse to be called a "nigga".

Can we use our resources talking about positive things for our country?

Saurel, March 5 2008, 7:30 PM

Topic: More technology in Haiti

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Damn nigga, you mad illiterate. It didnt dawn on you take an english lesson? ~ Bouvilcouture read more >
Byandsel, 5-Mar-08 5:38 pm
I did take a lesson or two knowing that I'm an eBusiness consultant for a major corp. I disagree with being a Nigger... read more >
, 5-Mar-08 6:41 pm
There's been a misunderstanding, the word "nigga" was used to reference the slang term for "brother" or "fam" not to... read more >
Byandsel, 5-Mar-08 6:55 pm
It is rather unusual you decide to insult me when I only wanted to voice my opinion. I don't intend to compete with... read more >
Saurel, 5-Mar-08 7:09 pm
Mr. you should do a better job networking for your business. Here you are talking to an eBusiness... read more >
Saurel, 5-Mar-08 7:30 pm
I totally agree with Saurel, lets not use our time discussing issues of color, unless its green. Green is what... read more >
Mts Ads, 8-Jul-08 5:51 pm
This is not the place to advertise one's business, rather a forum for Haitians and concerned citizens of the world to... read more >
Ti Rouge, 8-Jul-08 6:05 pm
Haiti needs to get bombed. Bunch of big nose N199 at $. MTS ill buy an ad, get rid of Haiti. Why is it that you put a... read more >
Anti-haiti, 4-Aug-08 7:36 pm
Saurel, How are you going to bring technology to Haiti where there is no electricity? Isn't technology go together... read more >
Tiba, 5-Aug-08 5:38 am
I'm sadden to see people like you feels it is necessary to criticize people who indeed need help instead of criticism... read more >
Saurel Dominique, 5-Aug-09 10:28 am
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