To add, my dear compatriot and friend. I would suggest that...

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To add, my dear compatriot and friend.

I would suggest that for the primary fiscal years of that re-instatement of the Armed Forces being obligatory for every young men and women of 18 and up to serve for at least a year of which within that first year which would be and involve both Basic training (Tactical) and Advanced Individual Training (Professional Specialty).

That system would remain in place for couple of or for several years as necessary until such troop level is met for each general provincial departments, arroundissments and regions.

As for the Officers, their training would of course be overseas with monitoring restrictions that they do not come and dicipate and stay in those countries.

Their training would range from 6 months, a year and two years depending on their level of training and specialties.

To help in the financial side of things of such re-instatememt of the ARMED FORCES, Per contract, either voluntary or with pay, HAITI would start to respectfully engage in Fereign Deployments in assisting other foreign forces maintain stability in other regions around the globes thus would help improve our foreign relations and public image in return for Aid, trade and foreign assistance in all kind of aspects there are available that could help HAITI within its struggle for Social, Economical and polical respecatable sovereignty.

We must ride ourselves of negative defeatis mentalities and embrace feasibility instead.

Do not be afraid of new ideas my friend, nor should you let obtacles of false pretencehood cloud the possibility of change, hope and new diplomatic directions.

However, you are right within reality of course; but understand with courage, positive odacity and dream we are capable of great things and that impossible is nothing, in face of what we can achieve when put our hearts and mind to it along with hope and dreams.

Within our goals, there is a reason why we dream.

Imagine that, this is just one idea. In the hope that by then many more would come and start undertake many projects that would, chould and should booster HAITI's economy so greatly that there will be means to pay those humbled servants who wish to serve their nation civic call and duty.

We hope by them, we would implace an uncorrupted tax, toll and violation ticketing system that would serve as regional and federal revenue to counter attack the financial budgeting of many more ideas to come.

We hope by then that HAITIANS at home and abroard would start gaining the confidence to invest in HAITI and partake many public or private, profit or non-profit as well as foreign and domestic projects which would benefit HAITIANS and HAITI in the long run to help build great and improved roads, living conditions and schools, parks and recreations, hospital and environmental change for a HAITI 2020.

We hope by then, that the many HAITIANS who have gone overseas fro years and decades agao of whom had earned degrees, masters and with professional trades would answer to the call of their country and countrymen and contribute by assisting those various projects or use their intuitive innovation for inventions to help irrigation, agronomical and farming means to have HAITI GREEN and florished again.

Lawyers, Teachers, Technicians and Doctors along with Artists, Poets and Writers people of all walks, skills and fields ect...

are re-welcomed to participate.


We hope by then that former and new owners, investors of the great Industrialized HAITI would return to revitalized the working force of HAITI with jobs and products that would help giving HAITI a competitive edge in import and export.

We hope by then that our relations and reconciliation with the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC as well as any other caribbean nations would improve to allow room for fair trades and gain our rightful place in the Latin Amercicas as should and always have been.

There are new days ahead HAITIANS, there are great days ahead.

Do no succombed to false notions that HAITI is condemned as a nation regardless of foreign resentments of those who have tried to keep HAITI in the obscurity and failure because of the past and true beacon and freedom and inspiration that HAITI is and indeed "THE" PEARL.

In the words of OBAMA whom could not have put it any more clear and eloquent enough than this of that is-- and we help him chant "YES, WE CAN" WI'N KAPAB; WI NOU KA!!! WI HAITI KAPAB!!!


Wilgeens Rosenberg, February 20 2008, 3:15 PM


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Lionne, 20-Feb-08 2:06 pm
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Wilgeens Rosenberg, 20-Feb-08 2:12 pm
AMEN TO THAT! That's all I have to say.The rigouise was not enough, they need more discipline. read more >
Claude, 20-Feb-08 2:15 pm
To add, my dear compatriot and friend. I would suggest that for the primary fiscal years of that re-instatement of the... read more >
Wilgeens Rosenberg, 20-Feb-08 3:15 pm
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Wilgeens Rosenberg, 20-Feb-08 5:07 pm
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