what makes a great achiever

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A great achiever is someone who is at the top of his or her game. Living life to its fullest.

One may think its all about education, IQ or Luck. None of these determine what you can achieve.

Extensive research on high achievers have uncovered how the top 2% of the population (American) became wealthy, healthy and self fulfilled.

The research showed there are certain skills that set high achievers apart form everyone else. The good news is that these skills are learnable.

One can develop these skills to become more focused, getting more done, in order to achieve massive success.

Nightingale-Conant have a free achievement test (5minutes) that may help anyone willing to identify their strengths and weaknesses that can promote or restrict their success in achieving their full potential go to:

com/achieve I will write it again so you can click to it: www.liveinthetwo.com/achieve

Claude, February 17 2008, 6:04 PM

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