He did mention his objective for the people and the Country...

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He did mention his objective for the people and the Country during his campaign; you probably didn't remember or didn't pay attention on his campaign.

I believe he was very clear on one of them "the corruption", in which he put as the primary dilemma in the country that needs to be solved.

I personally give him lots of credit for his words, and being a gentleman on his actions, for instance, when Haiti and US had signed the agreement on drug, in 1996 and reinforced 2001 as he mention very clear in his speech when he was addressed the nation and world where Haiti has been standing for along time an till now on drug traficant, that, however, US has been utilized this place to consume drug at home. My friend give him all the support that you possibly could, he is a great man, as Aristid, a man with respect, dignity, talents, interlligent, dreams, and a leader.

I think we need to be patience with him another for us to see the future that he will bring for the country and for the Haitian people.

I would not be feared as long as United State stay away from him(Gro Zwazo),let him does his work, for France and Canada I think we smart enough to deal with those two as we did before in 1800s.

I admire him for his courage and commandment he has with his true leaders ( Cuba, and Venezuela ) although we know he is facing lot of challenges, but with the spirit and confident that he has upon his patriots (Petion and Dessaline) I emphatically believe he is willing to face this great challenge that is posed in between...

Haiti Thomas...love always
Group12 Org. Think Tank

Levener, February 7 2008, 1:29 AM

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He did mention his objective for the people and the Country during his campaign; you probably didn't remember or... read more >
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