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I count on the Preval/ Alexi administration.

I think if they get all the help promised to them by the international community, they will do a good job. However, I do not think that the international community will keep their promise.

I hope that the Haitian people pay a real good attention to what is going on here, because all those big money they have been talking about might never get to this government or any government to come. Remember we have been crying out for help for a long time, all we have been receiving is promises.They want us to keep crying, that gives them something to talk about.Only one thing I can say, now is the time for us Haitian people to come together and help our own self. France, Canada and the USA did not help us fight for our independence, why should they help us today develope our Haiti?

Watch them close throught out these years and you will see that all those breatiful promeses are just fancy talk, and the problems will still stay the same. At the end, Preval and Alexi are the people the bad judgement will come down to.

Pascauxx22, October 7 2006, 5:52 PM

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I count on the Preval/ Alexi administration. I think if they get all the help promised to them by the international... read more >
Pascauxx22, 7-Oct-06 5:52 pm
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Currious George, 15-Oct-06 2:20 pm
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Levener, 7-Feb-08 1:29 am
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Linda, 7-Feb-08 2:44 pm
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Linda, 4-Jun-09 11:43 am
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Sergo Jean, 17-Apr-10 9:40 am
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Mek Pook, 3-Jul-10 7:07 pm
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Brian Mauvais, 3-Jan-11 9:07 pm
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