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By the way It's ok for muslim men to have sex with babies and little girls and animals in their sick TWISTED MINDS according to MUT'AH and SHARIA (Šar&#299;'ah) LAWS based on the Qur'an. By the way Sharia laws govern, politics, economics, banking, business, contracts, family, sexuality, hygiene, and social issues.The muslims have another sick practice besides the four legal wives (think about the amount of germs derived from that practice) Nikah mut'ah is considered haraam by Muslims and is a second form of fixed term marriage, (Does LEGALIZED PROSTITUTION or temporary MISTRESS ring a bell) after which the marriage is AUTOMATICALLY dissolved.

Mostly Arab men go to Egypt particularly and pay a big DOWRY to the poor parents of Virgin village girls and use her as a temporary wife for 2 to 4 weeks during their business trip and the marriage ends automatically (no court, no laws, not paper work) The girl usually finds herself pregnant without recourse or financial support for her child from a regular marriage.

Muslim men are allowed to do this in their own country according to their sharia laws from one village to the next. In fact under that RELIGIOUS FACADE lurk a CAULDRON of VICE and practices dated CENTURIES before ISLAM.

To get back to honor killings, girls who refuse an arrange marriage or are raped get no sympathy from their family.

In fact they are killed by male relatives in that family.

Imagine after you are raped the court set your rapists free because according to SHARIA you have to have four witnesses.

In one case in Pakistan the 5 rapists came back grabbed the girl in front of her family and poured poison down her throat.

Women are expected to KILL THEMSELVES after they are RAPED nor the men who dishonored her and her family, think about how twisted and sick this is. Women have NO RIGHTS in Islamic countries.

They are treated like animals or worse.

They cant even drive or show any skin in Soudi Arabia, you know the same country where men have the right to have sex with babies and little girls and sodomize little boys!!! STONING to death is SUPPOSEDLY the penalty for married men and women who commit adultery.

However its the WOMEN who are stoned to death not the men because the charge of adultery REAL or IMAGINED are usually brought against women by the husband or other male in the family.

(sometimes to get rid of an older wife to acquired a younger one in order not to exceed the four wives limit) So Haitians should be very careful who they let babysit their kids and not be fooled by the religious facade portrayed by the muslims, because Mohammed, or Mustafa or Ali could be molesting or sodomizing your kids while you are gone, and the women in his household would be powerless to stop him. Besides that practice is totally acceptable to him and his GOD since the great prophet MOHAMMED and the laws of SHARIA permit him to commit such crimes without impunity.

Also be careful when these muslims professed a sudden great love for you Haitian women or extend that false sudden friendship, for they are usually looking for people they can marry TEMPORARILY( you know the fixed term marriage in their twisted mind) so they can acquire a PERMANENT RESIDENCY VISA to stay in the United States.

Flo, November 21 2007, 1:04 PM


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