What about the real tchouls?

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Some people, like Y. Binbin, are the "chouls" of their own minds.

It is time to understand that we cannot keep accusing the international world of being racist and this and that (all our pains and sorrows).

What we have to do is to play their own game. They took our resources, now we're taking their jobs. They used to own us for free, now we can still serve them but no longer for free, by transplanting the jobs they used to do in their homelands to our own and still for their own customers; not because we hate them because of the sorry slavery past, but because, thanks to technology, everyone, as long as he/she's willing to work hard, should be able to get a piece of the cake.
There are enough resources for all of us on earth.

We have to learn how to cope now, not how to fight; how to collaborate, not how to hate.
If you like power, you don't have it now -> make sure next time you come up with ideas people will buy to get it back and make sure you stick to at least some of your promises.

Do not be a player-hater because you're not on power to be the "grand-mangeur" you've always been or always dreamt to be. Things will not always go your way, but you gotta learn how to cope, to accept a reality:" Preval is the president" and he hasn't made any major mistake yet that would deserve such an anger.

My man, Take it easy. We have to move forward.

Preval will start it, I believe, even though I think my man Baker would have sped it up by at least 15 miles an hour. YOu got the picture: "We got Preval, he's a good man, let's support him as long as he's being pragmatic"

Bye Fanfan Zanfandantan! Degoutan PititManmanZanfan! (Just joking papichulo! Hasta la vista Cabron)

Ayisyen Patriyot, September 28 2006, 10:28 PM

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