Is it going to be a new Army or a trasformation?

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First of all, I want to be direct to the point.

I strongly encorage a new arm forces in Haiti.

However, Hatian people have to be careful on that. Believe it or not, a country like Haiti cannot live without an Army because as a nation they are not ready to have a police force.

Either way, the gorvernment side and the nation itself.

first on the Govt. they don't have enough money to aford the new equipments that are available on the market today, second they are not allowed to buy weapons to challenge bad people who themselve in pocession of well sofesticated weapons.finaly, they don't have good instructors to keep the police force up to date.
On the nation side, they don't have respect for police officers, since I'm not a sociologist I connot explain the cause.

from my understanding I believe haiti needs a moderate Army, which is mean that the new Army won't even need generals anymore, perharps, just capitains a long the way it may have colonels.

Remember, what is really matter right now is to make haiti a safe land to live, like it was before.

Joe, October 2 2006, 2:59 PM

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