CIA Squadron And Some Haitian Elites Made Haiti A Crime Territory

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To start, I would like to quote Martelly who stated in his first presidential press conference that Haitians from overseas are scared to return home because of bad images of Haiti shown in certain media, but he wants them to return home to retire after completing their hard labor overseas.

Can he help Haitians return?

Educated Haitians from the Diaspora are a threat to some economic elites leaders in Haiti and they will get them killed like Guy Malary, Antoine Ismery, Georges Ismery, Mireille Durocher Bertrand, Luc Volel, Luc B. innocent, Louis Eugene Atis, Jean Dominique Louis-Charles Pierre Richard, and others to name a few. Those elites paid uneducated or ignorant hit men to kill those people by transforming Haiti into a crime paradise.

Martelly needs to know only ignorant Haitian citizens like those paid attackers as employed on this blog are welcome in Haiti whereas educated Haitian citizens are the enemies.

How can he help educated Haitians resettling in Haiti?

He needs to write new penal laws to punish people who are carrying unregistered guns in Haiti and the gun network distribution as controlled by those conservatives in Haiti must be under his total control.

If he can create an Etat de Droit governing by the rules of law, the resettlement of the Haitian Diaspora can be possible.

He needs to drive a campaign to collect guns and paid others to denounce the unregistered guns' owners.

This will be a good fight to lead in the days ahead if he is serious about the safety of all Haitians.

He needs to have a well trained army filled with overseas appointed experts to train all Haitian militaries about the needs to serve the country when facing natural disasters.

He needs to emphasize that the army will not be created to only protect businesses and rich people but to help all Haitians with their daily life situations.

Since the army funds will not be provided by those businesses but from tax revenues, the army should serve the needs of the Haitian people.

With a well controlled army as the only people who could carry guns in Haiti, crime will be less or eliminated.

He can pacify the country while making it a safe place for all to live. Rich elites people will not be able to hire hit paid men to do their dirty works and other businesses will grow in Haiti.

For instance, the Ismerys got killed because some rich people's businesses could not stand anymore their competition by driving prices down in their stores.

The ones who shared the Haitian market monopoly saw them as a threat to their existence so they paid hit men to kill them while giving a political murder's crime label to it. That's the way those monsters operated in Haiti up to Martelly's presidency.

Some other Haitian dissidents got killed in Haiti by the U.S. Squadron because they want to protect the Haitian culture against the U.S. cultural invasion in Haiti.

The United States of America has a lot of money in funds for the USCIS office i.e. United States Cultural Information Services to pay the Haitian media to advertize and promote U.S. goods instead of Haitian goods in Haiti.

Caraibes Radio and Signal FM radios to name a few are good in that. This office keeps paying Haitian singers to sing rap, rock and hip hop music instead of compas and folk music.

The Red Cross and the CDC technicians are the ones who are spreading viruses and all kinds of diseases in Haiti and many Haitians in the Diaspora would be their main target to kill when there is no political troubles in Haiti to force them return to the United States.

How Martelly will solve this dilemma?

How can he denounce them or stop them from conducting those criminal activities in Haiti?

CIA's Squadron and certain elites members work together and they are aimed to kill all Haitian dissidents who want to free their country.

What can Micky do to solve this problem?

I would suggest him to opt for a Temporary Protection Status visa for other Haitians from Haiti on a two year basis to go work in the U.S. to help the educated Haitian Diaspora stay in Haiti.

Fernandel did that and CIA stopped killing educated Dominicans there.

They love the Haitian educated workforce to do dirty works in the U.S. and that's why they kept fomenting coups d'états in the past 60 years to make Haitians leave their country to resettle in the U.S. That's the kind of fear that Martelly needs to fight if he wants to help Haiti.

Certain elite criminal members in Haiti don't care about bad images of Haiti and the mistreatments of Haitian Diaspora overseas.

All they care is about money from the Haitian Diaspora through their banking system activities, money transfer transactions, car rentals, hotels and restaurants' rentals to name a few. They love those past coups d'états because they don't want other businesses to open in Haiti for more competition.

How can Micky control those charognards?

How can he put them under control?

The BOOT system will be a quick fix for those morons and anti-Haitians.

If Micky can stop the CIA's Squadron activities and the criminal activities of certain elites' members and not all, he can free and secure Haiti for all Haitians.

Through good governance, we can stop CIA's crimes through Red Cross and CDC and we can stop elites' criminal activities through a strong trained military.

Martelly needs to implement the rules of law so Haiti can become prosperous again.

The Etat De Droit must be restored and it should be one of the first top priorities.

Haiti must cease to be a crime paradise for CIA's criminal activities and certain members of the Haitian elites.

We need to educate our fellow citizens so the anti-Haitians will not be able to hire them on their hate crime network.

We can lead again and Long Live to Haiti!

Toulimen Legrand, April 9 2011, 11:45 AM

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