Toussaint Louverture Is The Founding Father Of The World Advanced Nations

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The remains of Toussaint are in the MUPANAH Museum that was next to the Old Haitian Palace before the earthquake of 2010. Haitians don't know Toussaint Louverture.

I wrote a 20 pages essay about the man when I was finishing my bachelor degree and I got 100% with positive comments from my grading professor.

I was asked to publish that research but I was not ready to do so. I will translate it in French and publish it in Haiti to help my fellow Haitian citizens to know more about the man.

All they know about Toussaint is this:"Toussaint was not for the independence of Haiti and this was rooted in the mulattoes' writings to make us hate a person they love and admire inside their hearts.

Mulattoes hate Dessalines to death but they praise him inside their writings to confuse Haitians about their ancestral roots." Can you understand this dichotomy?

We need to revise all Haitian history books like the state of Texas just did to correct those errors.

I will be in Haiti pretty soon to present a conference about Toussaint, Dessalines, Petion and Christophe to force the Haitian authorities to see the need to erect a monument in the highest mountain side of Haiti to hire the Haitian Patriarchs and it will be a sacred place to all Haitians.

I will collect funds overseas to make that happen and we will do it. I love Toussaint to death and he is my favorite Haitian hero as being a dark-skinned person myself.

Toussaint was the first leader in the world to articulate the concept of self-governance i.e. autonomy of local governments toward central governments which is the basis foundation of all advanced governments in the world.

The United States of America uses the Toussaint's model to manage its federal government by making all states autonomous and all local governments autonomous toward their state governments.

Canada and many other countries around the world do the same and that is why they are so advanced by imitating the Toussaint's model of self-government.

While Haitians don't know the man themselves others are prospering by his democratic model of government.

Toussaint Louverture is the light of the world in terms of democracy, self-determination and self-governing rights.

There is one person on the blog that argues that I don't know how to write Toussaint's name. L'Ouverture that is the word given by Toussaint's slave-master which means the Opening or Awakening but most world historians agree to use Louverture instead of L'Ouverture as that blogger wrote aerlier to insult me. I am using the word written by those historian scholars because I am not an historian myself.

I am a truth seeker and I am not an historian.

I will make Toussaint known to all in the days ahead.

When Castro learns that Toussaint and Jose Marti are the same type of leaders who help strengthen this world democracy through self-determination and self-governing rights, he quickly erects a monument to honor his memoir along with Jose Marti while Haiti is trying to forget him. This is done this year with a purpose by the CEP's elections results to make Haitians forget Toussaint.

Do you see how much Haiti contributes to world peace and economic stability?

America couldn't be so advanced if the U.S. Federal government did not imitate Toussaint's model of self-government at state and local level.

Toussaint remains the founding father of the world democracy for all those advanced governments.

I will make them know who was Toussaint besides of those gossiping things they keep voicing about him. I love him to death like Chavez loves Simon Bolivar to death.

I love my true Hero Toussaint Louverture and may his soul rest in peace.

I love him and I adore him. He is my inspirator and he is guiding me. I love him and I love my hero. Father Toussaint, please bless me! I love you from the bottom of my heart.

I have respect for you and I truly love you Father Toussaint! Please guide me and I love you very much!

Toulimen, April 8 2011, 11:50 AM

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Wow, what a good analysis of that man, for he was unknown to me. Now, you make me understand how local government... read more >
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