1-Q- He needs to drive a campaign to collect guns and paid...

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1-Q- He needs to drive a campaign to collect guns and paid others to denounce the unregistered guns' owners.

A-The carnage that occurred with the Duvalier regime from 1957 through 1986 demonstrate that the population needs to protect itself against the abuse macoutc this Martelly regime is about to restore in Haiti.

2-Q-He needs to have a well-trained army filled with overseas appointed experts to train all Haitian militaries about the needs to serve the country when facing natural disasters.

A-Haiti has no known enemy in Latin America not even the Dominicans.

The military has been a force of repression not only in Haiti but through Latin America.

Only enemy we have are the Americans, the Canadians, the British and the French.

The money to pay the crooked army should be used to open schools, university, libraries, computers, internet land line telephones, build hospitals, schools and roads, electrification, develop agriculture
3-Q-He needs to emphasize that the army will not be created to only protect businesses and rich people but to help all Haitians with their daily life situations.

A-As soon the army is recreated the bourgeoisie class will high jack it and use it for their services.

Black skins Haitian have weakness for mulattoes women and will sell or betray easily their friends, mammies to get one
4-Q-With a well-controlled army as the only people who could carry guns in Haiti, crime will be less or eliminated.

A-Refers to Answer #2
5-Q-5-*****Caraibes Radio and Signal FM radios to name a few are good in that. This office keeps paying Haitian singers to sing rap, rock and hip hop music instead of compas and folk music.

A-*****This is the only point that I agreed with you. They should stop Haitians with the dreadlock at the Airport.

The Jamaicans are arrogant and disrespectful to Haitians.

If an Haitian band have to play in a festival the Jamaicans insist that they should play their stinky savage Reggae first.

A musician named Calito told me this story long time ago. Reggae has been associated with marijuana and other drugs.

That is why you will see a bunch of black and white where they play Reggae.

You seldom see black and white together for good causes.

He should put the Haitian music on the map. Right now there is no section for Haitian music in any place where they sell music.

Those stores put Haitian music in section such as African, Jazz, Latin music, Dominican music, Reggae music but not Haitian music.

I hate when Haitian musicians are classifying any music as Compass.

What about the rhythms of Troubadours, Cadence Rampas, Yanvalou, Aradas, Ibo, Petro, meringue, etc..We need reinterpret, adapting and translating all the Haitian music new and old into several languages to stimulate the Haitian music industry and economy.

For example Haiti Cheri could be play as easy listening, as a meringue, as a compass as a Cadance Rampas etc..A group of people might like the easy listening another one might like the same music on a faster tempo.

Translation of the lyric is important to export the Haitian culture.

6-Q-He can pacify the country while making it a safe place for all to live. Rich elites people will not be able to hire hit paid men to do their dirty works and other businesses will grow in Haiti.

6-A- He cannot pacify the country for big business American, Canada, French, British to come to buy Haitian lands and next fifty years make Haitians homeless in their own country and equating them as terro9rist as it is the case for the Palestinians.

Those white that lives in the suburb of Port-Au- Prince are displacing Haitian in their own countries and will take over the country The system of justice has been favoring the wealthy for too long; so Haitian needs all type of weapons to defend themselves even a la Makandal until justice is no longer for sale and that cannot be changed in 5 or 10 years
7-Q-The ones who shared the Haitian market monopoly saw them as a threat to their existence so they paid hit men to kill them while giving a political murder's crime label to it. That's the way those monsters operated in Haiti up to Martelly's presidency..

Martelly was shamefully put by the Americans as a figure head. Right now Haiti is being governed by the Haitian Governor General which is bourik chage and by Bill Clinto, Sean pen and the ONG that are reporting to Bill Clinton as the de facto president of Haiti.

8-Q-The Red Cross and the CDC technicians are the ones who are spreading viruses and all kinds of diseases in Haiti and many Haitians in the Diaspora would be their main target to kill when there is no political troubles in Haiti to force them return to the United States.

A- There is no way to substantiate this allegation.

This remains in the domaine of conspiracy theory--The same thing for HARP-adventofdeception.com/2010-harrp-nautr...

9-Q-CIA's Squadron and certain elites members work together and they are aimed to kill all Haitian dissidents who want to free their country.

A-Michel Martelly was placed in Haiti to kill leftist Haitians; he will not succeed.

As soon as the killing # 1 started he will pay dearly for it.-- Bete ki gainyin que pas jambe du feu.

10-Q-They love the Haitian educated workforce to do dirty works in the U.S. and that's why they kept fomenting coups d'etats in the past 60 years to make Haitians leave their country to resettle in the U.S. That's the kind of fear that Martelly needs to fight if he wants to help Haiti.

A-Unfortunately criminal activities are conducted by people like you that are on the CIA payroll to conduct disinformation to the Haitian community on the web. The masters you are working such as the CIA, Canadian, British and French intelligence services are responsible for the Duvalier atrocities in Haiti.

Starting next month Haiti will be running by thugs, degenerates, mental patients, drug addicts and homosexuals and thieves under the protectorate of the USA

Defense Minister, April 9 2011, 1:51 PM

Topic: CIA Squadron And Some Haitian Elites Made Haiti A Crime Territory

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