CIA Toulumin is fishing for opinion among Haitians-Beware

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Beware of the guy Toulumin who pose himself as a Haitian patriot.

He is a naturalized American citizen who works for the CIA. His father and American CIA used to supervise the execution of people in the National Palace for what the Duvalier regime dubbed as Pro Castro and communists elements in Haiti.

People do not be naive.

This CIA agent is the most dangerous element on any Haitian blogs.

Everything you said the CIA will record it for later use regardless if you put a fake or your real name because they have full control of what is going on the internet.

They have the apparatus thru NSA to control and spy on every telephone call around the world whether it is land lines or cellular and I am not kidding or paranoia refers to a book named the Puzzle Palace by James Bamford that was published since 1983 way before the internet was in fashion.

You don't have to buy the book go to Google and read the reviews about the author and the books he wrote because he wrote more than one book. Go to Google check the books written by John Perkins "Confession of an Economic Hit Man" and "The Secret History of The American Empire"
It is well documented since the 1960's that the CIA is financing and expanding the protestant churches through Latin America as a bridgehead against communist movement.

Right now the Voodoo represents a bastion of resistance to the penetration of the white world influence in Haiti.

The CIA is trying to create clashes between the churches and the Voodooist to create a civilian war in Haiti and to find an excuse to intervene to exterminate Voodoo in Haiti.

Today we have seen what Pastor Terri Jones have caused by disrespect the Moslem by burning their Koran.

The US law enforced did not arrest him even though he willfully caused the death of several people in Pakistan that means he gets paid by the US government to do his criminal.

Remember how the Europeans massacred the Indians and enslaved the Africans with the Bible in their left hands and the gun or the riffle on their right hands.

They do dirty works in the name of god and religion.

Those so called pastors extract information from what they called "temoignages" at the churches from naïve Haitians or Latin Americans to pass that information to the CIA agent for analysis.

Those pastors are receiving all type of financial reward from the CIA. That is why they have houses, expensive cars, clothing, and six to twelve figures in the banks, able to travels and have privileges visas for themselves, their families, friends and mistresses.

Avoid to gives feedback to this traitor about the CIA. He uses that information as Feed Back Information(FBI) to sell you out for this sordid and terrorist organization called Cocaine Industry Administration (CIA) since I am limited to three web links go to Google and type" CIA+drugs in latin America" without the quotes or "CIA+Drugs"

Observatory-1, April 10 2011, 7:00 AM

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