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Jean, I don't blame you from talking this way and it is ok. I did not know much about Bellerive until I learned about his educational background and experiences from the mouth of Stephen Harper, the last Canadian Prime Minister.

The latter said that he had learned a lot of things while sitting and listening to Bellerive's arguments and the agenda he laid down to save Haiti (Interview conducted before his private cabinet).

He said that Bellerive is a humbled person who never hesitates to recognize his mistakes and apologize for them because we all make mistakes in politics to conclude Mr. Harper.

Moreover, I listened to another interview of Mrs. Michael Jean, the last Gouverneure of Canada who said that Bellerive is sincere and honest despite his educational background as well as his administrative experiences in Haiti and from many other world financial organizations.

Furthermore, Bill Clinton acknowledges that same fact to Banki-Moon that he is happy working with Bellerive although hated by 75% of corrupted employees in Haiti.

Bill said that he is bright and he has the expertise to lead Haiti in the days ahead.

If I lie, I lie after those well-known politicians.

Listen, Jean politics requires compromises and sometimes on difficult times it is easy to compromise with your own enemies to lead.

An again, there is something that I learn from America and I will keep it until I die, and it is this:"People learn more from their mistakes than from their sainthood actions." You can learn a lot of thing from a mistake than from a right action you have done to save someone although others may praise you for it. It is good to make mistakes because humans are not perfect Jean and from the mistakes we must draw some lessons to perform better next time. Look, I am not fighting with you and you are not fighting with me either and we are arguing and we can learn from each other.

Remember this, all Toulimen knows is Toulimen does not know anything as a truth seeker.

Haiti will be facing a terrible moment and the hurricane season will not wait and the lives of the people underneath of those tents are in peril; and therefore, I would not mind any compromise between the lesser of the two evils to save the lives of many. That's what politics is about and I hope I have touched your heart to release some anger and sleep well. Let's keep up with the good fight! We can save Haiti together! May the Almighty One bless you my brother!

Toulimen Legrand, April 9 2011, 10:32 AM

Topic: Bellerive to Keep his Job with Martelly!

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Jean, I don't blame you from talking this way and it is ok. I did not know much about Bellerive until I learned about... read more >
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