Homo Tiba said,"Tete calbasse" means your head is full of crap...

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Homo Tiba said,"Tete calbasse" means your head is full of crap just like a calbasse, lack of intelligence.

Mademoiselle tiba,
This is how you view the Compas president which is an offspring from ensemble Aux Calbasses!.

You exposed your inner thought to the Compas president Sick Micky.

I hope that he will remember you for making those candid and true observations about him. I agree with you that his head is full of crap just like a calbasse, lack of intelligence like yourself.

I know that you are a homo and by definition a weak person, obsessed with devious sex and always vicious and treacherous as you have been in the past and continue to be.
So far you have been criticizing everybody and failed to demonstrate your assumed competency and intelligence in a measurable way. Now it is time for you to go to Haiti to show to the world your level of competence and intelligence since in a few weeks "incompetent Preval" as you called him will be no longer in charge.

Go helping your cross dressing sister that needs your help. When you reach Haiti make sure that you videotape every conversation you have with Sick Micky and always carry three Haitians witnesses,3 Dominican witnesses,3 Canadian witnesses,3 French witnesses and 3 American witnesses,3 Jamaican witnesses with you just in case later on he claimed that you probably spoke with Sick Micky, or Sweet Micky, the cross dresser, the artist, the crazy one, the macout, the FRAP, the Compas president, the husband, the boyfriend, the girl friend, the sans pantalon, the guy with pampers, the sans culotte, who knows what other loas Congo might show up and did not speak with Michel Martelly.

I gave you this advice to spare a very dicey situation for you.

Since he display the homo flag on his first speech by mentioning Arc-en Ciel, signalizing the macissization of the Haitian society for the benefit of the Canadians and American homo, the best way for you to get a job in Port-Au-Prince is to go there and open a boutique for cross dressers that will give you the opportunity to have him come to your boutique in a regular basis.

It will be a kind of rat trap or pellin rat.

Aux Calbasses, April 9 2011, 7:50 AM

Topic: Bellerive to Keep his Job with Martelly!

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You most be a thief like him. Jean Max Bellerive is a thief,a professional thief with style not like Preval. The new... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 8-Apr-11 8:25 pm
Hey aux calbasses, I must say that you deserve your name (calbasse). "Tete calbasse" means your head is full of crap... read more >
Tiba, 8-Apr-11 9:00 pm
Wait a minute Tiba, that's what we can call political family's inner circle within the Haitian presidency. Bellerive... read more >
Toulimen Legrand, 8-Apr-11 9:10 pm
Toulimen,please we most reconize if a top official fail,he fail period.We are not talking about earthquakes here,as... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 9-Apr-11 6:01 am
Toulimen, You have made your case very brilliantly, and therefore, I am ready to give Bellerive the benifit of the... read more >
Tiba, 9-Apr-11 7:12 am
Homo Tiba said,"Tete calbasse" means your head is full of crap just like a calbasse, lack of intelligence... read more >
Aux Calbasses, 9-Apr-11 7:50 am
My friend, we must keep up with the fight. Haitian Politics sucks and it takes me a lot of times at night to decipher... read more >
Toulimen Legrand, 9-Apr-11 10:08 am
Jean, I don't blame you from talking this way and it is ok. I did not know much about Bellerive until I learned about... read more >
Toulimen Legrand, 9-Apr-11 10:32 am
Toulumen, by the way we are about to publish on facebook video of you and Toto Constant leaving the CIA headquarter in... read more >
Angela Brown, 9-Apr-11 10:39 am
Hi Tiba my blogger friend. You changed you email address. OK, so, I usually enjoy your visuals, but on this post you... read more >
Linda, 9-Apr-11 4:29 pm
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