I am out. No more Opininons

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I was giving my opinions.

Somebody wrote me this in my e-mail, something I havent been able to read on the main website; that means some intolerant one is seeing this and I do not want to jeopardize my children.

Read this and does this sound like TT himself enraged not to be able to go back, and who also controls this website - this is what I received on my direct email, which is supposed to be confident, and I could not read it from the main prevalhaiti.com website.

Of course, tomorrow they are going to show I was wrong, but one thing I know, Aristide Is mad at Preval for not letting him come back to prevail.

ABA ARISTID FOREVER IN THIS BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY that has created so many ambitious and enraged craziests.

Now it is time to take it back:
Recent Immigrants: get ready to give back;
American-Haitians: get ready to give back;
Humble Haitians, non-violent Haitians, Syrian or mixed-blood Haitians, now is the time to give back.
Just love your little peace of treasure and everything will be fine.

Read what the player-hater wrote: "Les Jeunes D Haiti says: Reply: Garde National

A"Garde National" or a "Garde Lavalas"?

why not calling it "Volontaire de la Securite Lavalas" or VSL. Because this is clearly the idea behind this "Garde National".

With "Ti Klody or Amaral" as commander in Chief.

Bottom line:


1.The Constitution is the mother law of the land and it only recognizes the existence of the Haitian Army.

2. No Paramilitary groups should never exist.

This is why "Aristide has violated the constitution when he created 2 paramilitary groups(The Chimeres and the ADS)


Are street boys armed and paid by aristide to panic political opponents and reporters.

The ADS(Aristide Death Squad):

is formed with former military officers and soldiers of the defunct Haitian Army who used to be members of the USGPN(Unite Securite General Du Palais National).

They have very complex assignments and their prime targets are Key political opponents in Haiti, ex-military officers of the Haitian Army and political opponents from the diaspora"

Army of destructos?

No, we cannot even afford a good corpes of engineers.

Dessalines est mort - > L'armee est mort. Plus de bagarres entre peuples souverains,
Adios! Amen

Ayisyen Patriyot, September 19 2006, 10:43 PM

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