Who was Guy Francois. Qui etait-il?

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Last night, my wife's pastor called me to ask me about Guy Francois, I mistakenly described him as Michel Francois.

But if they are both criminals, Michel Francois was a blood thirsty.

Guy Francois was ousted by Avril, with the help of Big Brother, in the conflict between Casernes and Palais after Guy Francois took over the command of Casernes following the death of Trafficant Colonel Jean Claude Paul who was poisoned by his own concubine under the pressure from the sadistic general de facto president, Prosper Avril.

So Michel Francois, unfortunately, is still alive, drinking his money in Panama, along with his "compadre", ex-general Raoul Stalline Cedras.

Guy Francois is the one who was murdered.

When I wrote "Go Preval" last night, I tought it was Michel FRancois that was killed because he's a dangerous mass murderer.

I have known some of his victims.

In Guy Francois' death, I don't think the police or the government has anything to do with it because he wasn't a direct enemy.

He had his personal enemies though: #1 Dangerous ambitious trickery Prosper Avril.

Ayisyen Patriyot, September 16 2006, 9:03 AM

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