Haitian Bourgeoisie Should Redistribute The Haitian Wealth

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Haitian people should take the streets against the Haitian Bourgeois like the Arab people are doing against the rich people such as monarchs, princes, kings and presidents for life in their countries.

Yesterday, Obama stated in his last political speeches that people who are suffering should protest against poverty, torture and crimes against them and their leaders should listen to them. We cannot remain silent and we should protest against the Haitian Bourgeoisie who are the richest people, the economic leaders in our country.

We should ask them to propose reforms in order to redistribute the wealth and if they refuse they can choose the exile path. Mezv, Brandt, Accra, Vitiello, Flambert, Vorbes and Delatour must answer questions about the Haitian wealth.

In the past, we protested against former prime ministers and presidents and that did not change our economic and social conditions.

Now, we should protest against them because they are the ones concentrating all the Haitian wealth into their hands.

It is not tolerable anymore to let less than 1% of people to own 95% of the Haitian wealth.

We should not tolerate that anymore.

As Obama said it in his last political speeches, the whole world would support the cries of the youth if they want reforms to occur in their countries.

We should call for reforms or exile if the rich of Haiti refuse to redistribute the wealth as concentrated into their hands.

I am calling on all Haitians on Facebook to start a reform movement in Haiti right away against the rich of Haiti for an equitable redistribution of the Haitian wealth.

We should do that and the G-8 countries would help us. We should take the streets and call for reforms and redistribution of the Haitian wealth.

The seven richest families in Haiti should listen to us and if they refuse to propose economic reforms they should leave Haiti like Mubarak, Kaddafi, Ben Ali and other rich political and economic leaders in the Arab world.

We are calling on the United States to freeze the money of the seven richest families in Haiti for poverty is not tolerable anymore on the Haitian soil.

I am calling on all Haitians in the Diaspora to read the contents of this blog to their fellow citizens in Haiti so they can take the streets like the Arab people for economic reforms to occur in Haiti.

The seven richest families and especially the owner of this blog should be held accountable for the Haitian wealth.

We should protest against poverty and endured suffering because Obama stated yesterday that it is a sacred right to all affected poor people in the world to do so. Wake up Haitian people and protest against the seven richest families, the economic leaders in Haiti for an equitable redistribution of the Haitian wealth.

I commend you to do that in the days ahead and the whole world would support us. We should ask Obama to freeze the wealth of the seven richest families in Haiti overseas if they refuse to answer to our demands.

The Haitian government does not have money and the money is in the hands of those seven richest families.

We should protest against them and it should start today, tomorrow or now.

Toulimen, February 26 2011, 12:01 AM

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Rooster, 26-Feb-11 8:01 am
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Richelle, 26-Feb-11 9:13 am
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Rooster, 26-Feb-11 9:35 am
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Richelle, 26-Feb-11 10:01 am
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Rooster, 26-Feb-11 10:14 am
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Richelle, 26-Feb-11 11:21 am
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Rooster, 26-Feb-11 11:28 am
So it is american government are saying minista will leave when they say so,this is what u fund in your research. read more >
Richelle, 26-Feb-11 11:43 am
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