An Answer To Rose: Knowing How To Use The Best of The Capitalistic System

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Rose, I used to believe that like you years ago that America owns China a lot of money.

That is not true. America does not owe any money at all. It is a capitalistic blame-game model to lure their Congress and Middle Class people.

I spoke to one wealthy Chinese woman who came at Standford to study for one semester.

She told me that most of the Chinese banks in China are owned by Americans and only Americans are working at the upper management levels in those banks.

America gets money from their own banks to fool others in America.

American businesses are booming in China and she believes that America owns China while in America we think that China has a lot of influence over America.

She asked me if I understood the last visit of China's Premier to America and I told her that I didn't pay much attention to his visit in America.

She continues to say that in China we ask our Premier to tell America that it must stop using its politics of containment against us and we don't want to continue to be the slaves of America anymore.

China wants them to leave their country now so they can produce their own goods.

America is trying to find way to bring those businesses back which will harm its environment.

Capitalist likes slavery and they want to shift their economic power to China because they are pleased by the Chinese cast system relying on duties and obedience toward the state.

Chinese are American slaves in China and she further argues that America does not owe my country any money at all. You may be a working class person but understanding politics and blame game accusation are another story.

The G-8 countries own the world and they are sharing the world resources between themselves at the expenses of the other nations.

A country like Haiti is not that smart to borrow money from them to develop its economy like Iran, Brazil, and Venezuela did over the past 25 years.

Other European Nations such as Greece, Italy and Spain borrow so much money and they have to rescue them from this current economic depression.

When your people are educated and they understand the notion of sovereignty, they will fight their country to death and no one can come on board to occupy their country.

Can they go occupy Greece?

No. Once, they cannot occupy your country, they rescue it from any financial meltdown.

Whites are smart and that is why they are benefiting so much of the capitalistic system.

I spoke to several white students who owe almost $300K on student loans and they are still in school while they keep mailing loan deferment letters to their lenders and when I ask them when they think they will pay that money, they all say when they die.

They always say to me that school should be free because the state wants them to get educated and not themselves to be able to find a job. They continue to say if they want us to be educated they should pay for our education.

Some of my friends already filed bankruptcy for credit cards and other debts and after that they mailed their discharge letters to the U.S. state of education to get their loan canceled and discharged.

They came back again to borrow money again to survive.

What I learned from white students in this country empowers me to understand the hidden truths of this crazy system.

Anyway, it is not a bad or a worst system after all. Once you know how to benefit from it you will benefit a lot from it.

Some people are working like slaves because they get fooled by good brainwasher while other are enjoying the goodness of this system.

I love this system and I wish Haiti could have a system like that to help others.

If you are a sedentary person, it is a worst system but if you are a nomadic person like white people in America, you will enjoy a lot from it. You have debt in one state, you file bankruptcy and go live in another one and after one year or 2 you can start again with other new credits with higher interests to repair your credit system and up to 3 years you will be back on your feet with good credit in another state.

Where in the world you can do that?

In America.

I don't go by what people in the media keep saying.

America has 50 years and you can live within all those 50 states if you want and still enjoy good life. That's why whites love this country so much and they will never be sedentary people like us who are attached with our fellow citizens and want to live in only one place.

Whites are not attached to anyone and that is why they are benefiting so much from this great system.

If you want to believe all those brainwasher news anchors in the media, you can continue to believe them and you will suffer a lot and live from paycheck to paycheck.

In the news, those sold out news anchor will tell you to use no more than 2 credit cards and when you owe a lot of money on these two credit cards, your purchasing power will get reduced considerably and you will have bad credit as a result while a single white person has 17 to 20 credit cards with a big purchasing power to buy anything s/he wants and when his/her credit got messed up it got messed up for a big debt of $100K or $200K and they got it cleared through bankruptcy and they start all over again.

We, as minorities believe so much in media and we let them brainwash us and we are suffering a lot. I don't ask you to believe in what I am saying, but I am telling you the capitalistic system is a good system in America and if I did not copy whites here in this country I would suffer a lot.

I can buy anything I want here and I have a very big purchasing power with 13 credit cards and I am only making the minimum payment on them. They keep increasing my balance because I have good credit.

Where in the world I would get that purchasing power?

I never paid attention to those brainwasher in the media who keep making minorities living hell in America.

For instance, Scenario #01, with two credits card with $3,000 on them, if you spend $2500 on each, you may get a payment of $250 or $300 on them if you get lucky for $5000.

Second scenario #02, with 5 credit cards with $1000 purchase on each which will give you $5000 debt and you pay $10 minimum payment on each and you ended up paying $50 instead of paying $250 or $300 for that same amount.

Who is better off and who will get the best credit and the higher purchasing power?

The person with the second scenario.

Now, I thank you understand how to use credit and how to increase your purchasing power.

All whites know that and they are benefiting a lot from the system while we are dying.

We are suffering and dying miserably because we trust so much those appointed liars on the media to brainwash us. To me, U.S. has the best economic system in the world.

If you want to enjoy it, feel free and get on board.

If not, you will condemn to live your life the way you are living it. It is ok. I am happy with their system and I am living good life like whites in America.

I can go anywhere in the world as long as I keep making my minimum payment like them on 13 credit cards.

I wish I could get more like my white girlfriend who has 18 on her wallet.

Take care and may God bless you!

PS. Nou ta dwe pete bouda yo nan debt epi ki te salopri peyi yo a pou yo. Aloske Nou Pito soufri e plenyen.

Yap byen mennen paske yo entelijan e nou menm nap soufri nan travay di ak fe vye job epi nou pa janmen panse retounen lakay e nou mouri avan le nou tou ak manje chimik sa yo ke nap manje a. Sonje mwen di nou manje sa yo pa gen vitamin nan yo e si nou pa achte vitamin pou nou manje ak yo apre 40 lane sistem nou gen pou febli anpil e se chemotherapy ak kanse kap tan nou. Bon kouraj!

Toulimen, March 2 2011, 10:06 PM

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