Richelle, I am not Haitian. I am an American who sees promise...

Rooster - February 26 2011, 10:14 AM

Richelle, I am not Haitian.

I am an American who sees promise for the future of Haiti.

I think it would help us all on this blog if we could separate political discourse from emotional arguments and discussions about morality.

There are many unfortunate facts about the situation, as well as political realities that must be addressed; inaccurate arguments only further complicate the debate.

Toulimen's arguments are often laced with gross inaccuracies, and sometimes, pure conjecture and fantasy.

It would help if he could be more realistic in his approach.

I respect anyone's love for their country, and I respect well-founded anger about injustice as well; it's just that in order to affect true meaningful change, I believe we should focus more on the political and social realities that govern the issues, instead of making wild accusations and fantastic suppositions.

Only a truly pragmatic approach will save Haiti from Her current morass.

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