ha ha ha. what you being sipping on?

Jules - August 3 2007, 5:28 PM

saying aristide was a criminal is like saying more than 90% of haiti are criminals.

well you have the right to your own opinion, you can hate aristide, that doesn't change the fact that more than half of the population still stand behind him today.why should he be blame?

dude even the rich countries suffer alot when there is an embargo impose on them. what was aristide to do?

yes there are corruptions but it did not start on the aristide government, i used the dvd as an example, but i learn from many sources and i also understand politic.

haiti need to learn to use other nations just like we been use.

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If one wishes to learn history from other sources...



Hi! Mr: President preval, I heard that you are trying to change HAITI by puting it in a better place ( calm or...

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