Vote for Mirelande Manigat if you want change in Haiti

Toulimen - October 15 2010, 8:56 PM

This is a good idea, but I would love Mirelande Manigat to replace Preval on February 7, 2011. She had political and economic experience as one of the closest advisers to former president Manigat.

We need a woman president to turn things around.

I would love to have Charlito as Prime Minister to make the so-called Haitian technocrats stop stealing.

Baker is an African-American industrial manager (although born in Haiti) and he also has some management experience.

I do not know for sure if he will bring more American factories to make exported products which will be very detrimental to the Haitian economy.

If Baker could bring some U.S. farmer investments in Haiti to boost Haiti's agricultural production, this would help strengthen Haiti's economy.

We do not need more assembly industries, but we need factories that can produce goods for the needs of Haitian people and not for export purposes.

Some people will say, well he creates job, but why exploiting Haitian forces on behalf on a foreign country.

We need factories that will produce goods for Haitians in Haiti.

Mirelande will get some foreign investments in this area. She will not let foreign countries dictate her what is good for Haiti and there will be no supported coup d'etats against her. She will finish her political term, but with Baker or any other Haitian male candidates that will happen anyway.

We need another leadership and it is the time for a woman to move this country forward.

Mirelande is very competent and I always trust her political judgments about Haiti.

Her marriage with Manigat as a dark skinned person proves once again that Mirelande is not racist and she can move this country forward.

She will unite all Haitian and she is a true Haitian woman.

In her entourage, everybody keeps praising her simplicity and her leadership.

Mirelande does not see color line and she wants Haiti to unite as well as forming one country.

She will make the case for Haiti at the United Nations next conference and she is capable of doing that. She believes that dark skinned and light skinned Haitians created Haiti and the latter should their country and good for them as well. She believes that we should be all around the Haitian political table and not under that table.

We will have again "Ti Koze Anba Tonel la back." Mirelande does not belong to the bourgeoisie and the political classes as well. She is a neutral person and we should focus on her abilities and her professional experiences to change Haiti.

She is capable of doing that.

Baker belongs to the bourgeoisie class and it is not good in politic to let the bourgeoisie manage a country.

He will be a bad experience to have a bourgeoisie as a head of state in Haiti.

It is better to let the middle class manage the country through the help of the bourgeoisie, but I would not mind to have him as a prime minister.

Baker explains his agricultural experiences in Haiti, but that will not qualify him to become the next president in Haiti.

If he had done a good job as an agricultor person Haiti would not be in the position it is not. Baker wants us in the diaspora to call our families in Haiti to tell them to vote for him, but I would love to tell him that will not happen and the Haitian diaspora will not buy his false unilateral promise of allowing a multiple citizenship law to be enacted in Haiti if he becomes president.

It is a false promise just to get the Haitian diaspora's votes in Haiti.

Baker made us hear what we wanted to hear from his mouth, but I guarantee you that it is a false promise as concocted by the Haitian bourgeoisie in Haiti.

Do not let anyone bluff you guys! If you were born yesterday it would be ok to let others bluffs you. Politicians are very tricky when they need votes and they can say anything with their mouth.

We need politicians with a solid educational background and expertise to move this country forward.

Mirelande Manigat is very competent and qualified among many candidates and we should vote for her. I am pretty sure at 100% that she will win the elections not through electoral frauds, but the Haitian masses will fully vote for her. I would love you to call all your families as of today's date to tell them to vote for her. Haiti, this time, will have a chance under a new leadership to move it forward.

Mirelande knew who destroyed the Manigat's regime when his husband was president, she would not let that happen again under her watch.

Manigat had a responsible government like Dumarsais and Antoine Simon and things were going well under his leadership, we should bring this sort of management back. Vote for Mirelande is a vote for change and I truly recommend her...

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