Stanley Lucas, the best and the last hope for Haiti...

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This guy will be able to move Haiti forward, but I want him to start uniting all Haitians and get all the exiled political leaders back to Haiti.

The latter will never heal if all of his sons and daughters have to live overseas.

They belong to Haiti and they were not all evil doers.

All of them had sides and good sides too in dealing with the Haitian bourgeoisie in Haiti.

Opponents of the former heads of state of Haiti never argue about the goodness side, but they always view the bad sides and stick to it to move the country backward.

This time, Stanley should prove to them that Haitians need to put aside their differences to move forward.

All my brothers and sisters in exile should know if I vote for Stanley that my vote will be an historic vote to unite all Haitians and bring closure to the past.

A vote for Stanley Lucas should be a vote for uniting all Haitians and not for dividing them more. I want Mr. Lucas to give a speech on that. My brother Lucas, I would like you to say that Haiti belongs to all Haitians and it is time to forgive and forget in order to heal the Haitian nation while openning your hearts and hands to all. You are Haitian and not Jean-Claudiste, Titid, Prevalist, Trullotist, Cedrasist, macoutist, lavalasist, zenglendist or avrilist.

All Haitians should be back to their country to help. The Haitian Diaspora should be a greatest asset and a financing source for many projects in Haiti.

I want all the former heads of state to submit their economic projects to Stanley Lucas before he gets elected president so he will know where he stands...

For instance, Jean-Claude Duvalier may submit a rice irrigation project and a law library project too whereas Aristide could submit an educational plan and some housing development projects to name a few. I know many of them will be willing to invest in their country and if we cannot promote unity as well as their return we will lose a lot and we cannot move forward...

Toulimen, July 25 2010, 8:01 PM

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Charlot Charlemagne, 25-Jul-10 9:16 pm


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