Linda, Bernadette here - I answer the blog because I thought...

Bernadete S. - May 21 2010, 5:10 PM

Bernadette here - I answer the blog because I thought the blogs are open forum and that anyone can submit and opinion or make references to them. I was using "Bourgeois" in the most literal sense of the word. Yes, I believe in the past, they have been useful economically and socially to and for Haiti.

I can understand your point of view of my "Johnny comes lately" and here I am as bright eye and bushy tail as it may seemed to you. I may be rusty as to the new players are in Haiti's playground, I don't feel like playing my own horn, but world history and world socio-economic are within my realm of expertise.

NO I am not slam-ducking Haiti's present situation.

but we MUST encourage one another to keep on going.

We can't play dead no matter how bad the situation is.
I truly think that there is a way out of Haiti's present situation.

For instance, the complete "dechoukage" of Haiti's government elected and non-elected officials.

A new prime minister and a new president that have a totally new ideas of Haiti's governance.

Someone, perhaps more in the know of how the world functions including Haiti.

In another words, Haiti can use a complete political blood transfusion to survive and prosper.

Haiti should be aware of all these people who are pompously describing themselves and at best gave a laundry list of what should be done but they are completely devoid of any sense of reality.

Like they have no idea of how they will FINANCE those grandiose ideas the came up with. Any one can come up with a list of things to do, but the point is HOW will you come up with the MONEY to put these ideas into being.

Having said all that, I believe Haiti has a future still.

We have to focus on priorities.

If everything else failed, then we have to find a way to help Haiti by "any means necessary"...

Yes, I know things have been tried before
We have to find new elements that were not tried before in order to get a solution.

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