Panel Homes for Reconstruction of Haiti

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We would like to receive some advice on how we can assist in the rebuilding of Haiti.

We are hoping that you can help.

LC Homes is a company that exports Panel Homes to over 80 countries.

These Panel Homes are shipped in panels in ocean containers and are easily constructed.

Local Haitians can build these homes themselves with some training and are an option for the reconstruction in Haiti.

All homes are high quality, engineered and built in the US. These Panel Homes were erected as part of the rebuilding after hurricane Katrina.

We have also exported homes to Haiti in the past. Our panel homes meet or exceed both wind and seismic requirements as prescribed in the US Building Codes for Tropical Regions.

LCH Panel Homes have vinyl trim and siding with different types such as cement fiber Hardie Board that has a 50 year warranty in the US. The homes range from 640 Sq Ft (59 Sq Meters) - 1,300 Sq Ft' (120 Sq Meters).

The following applies:
Two or three bedroom homes, one or two bathrooms, dining room, living room, kitchen.

Many styles from which to choose.

Homes are insulated with R11 between stud walls and R19 in ceiling.

Roof is Owings Corning fiberglass asphalt cover shingles
Electrical can be pre installed or sent separately depending on requirements
Plumbing included
Five Double Pane Insulated windows
Two 6-panel steel insulated doors
Included in bathroom: tub, sink, toilet
Included in kitchen: Double-sink with faucet, upper cabinets and small water heater
Gutters and downspouts can be purchased for an additional cost
Cement slab required.

Homes are secured to cement slab by anchors.

The walls are anchored together and rafter straps are attached to the trusts.

This extra strengthening at key points of the home gives stability under extreme conditions.

Approximately 1.5 to 2 homes can be shipped in one ocean container which saves freight costs.

Homes are guaranteed to withstand winds of 125 MPH and meet or exceed both wind and seismic requirements as prescribed in the US Building Codes for Tropical Regions.

LC Homes employs engineers and architects who would travel to Haiti to examine the geographic lay of the land as well as taking soil composition samples to determine the type of cement slab required.

8-10 homes can be hooked up to a "community" septic system if there is no sewage system in place.

However, can be hooked up to a sewage system at a later date.
Homes are manufactured and shipped from the Southeastern US that keeps inland and ocean freight costs at a minimum.

A crew would travel to Haiti to train local Haitians on how to erect these homes themselves.

LC Homes manufactures and ships 8-10 homes per day with one 8-hour shift.

However, more shifts can be utilized.

LC Homes has been honored with many awards for its excellence in quality and community service.

Pictures of homes can be sent via email for review.

We would like to be introduced to a company in Haiti that is working to rebuild Haiti.

We would work with that company to train and ship Panel Homes and have them hire local Haitians to build the homes themselves.

The homes are easily constructed once training is completed.

This is an excellent opportunity for Haitians to be employed and take pride in rebuilding their country.

Whenever there is an opportunity for Haitians to do the work themselves, this should be a priority for rebuilding their country.

Taking ownership brings pride and self-esteem.

It is human nature for people to appreciate what they have built themselves.

We are also looking for organizations & foundations that wish to make sure that their donations are put to good use and that the people of Haiti get 100% of the funds donated.

We will make sure that the process is transparent.

There may be organizations/foundations that would like to get the recognition for their donations.

Neighborhoods can be constructed in the name of a donating organization.

If you can offer some guidance it would be much appreciated.

If there is interest in further discussing, please feel free to contact me directly.

Best regards,
William Drenik
Manufacturer's Representative
LC Homes LTD
Tel: 253-549-7980
Email: wdrenik at

William Drenik, March 20 2010, 2:24 PM

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