If you sooooooooo strongly believed in what you are saying, as...

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If you sooooooooo strongly believed in what you are saying, as ridiculous as that may be. WHY are you screaming and calling others names.

You can still make a point WITHOUT verbal abuse.

You see, It is not common knowledge yet that extra chromosomes can be injected for homosexual behaviors.

Thanks for sharing...

Perhaps, YOU are homophobic?

Possibly very religious and subconsciously afraid?

There was a similar theory in the mid 80's, but that time it was about AIDS (Chemical warfare) Are you referring to that theory?

except this time insert homosexuality instead of AIDS?

and of course, how do we relate this theory to present time?

Ah, yes, yes, yes, the quake!! W O W, une idee geniale!!! Toujours, toujours et toujours les memes vilains: Ces Americains, bien entendu.

Charles Darwin was a great scientist; he came up with a formidable THEORY about species and adaptation to their environments.

Then, that THEORY later extrapolated to explain human social conditions...

This is a very racist theory.--survival of the fittest--Only the strong survive!!! Does that mean that we as HAITIANS or we as AFRICANS don't fit?

in the scheme of things?

Can you at least understand the stupidity of it all?

Since you are so computer literate, surely you must know that Mr. Darwin battled with mental illness?

His theory is only that: Theory.

A theory that is NOT in favor of people of color...Why validate it?

A little knowledge is very dangerous.

The Net and its surges are great learning tools but definitely can't replace basic education...

Hell, let me ask, anyway: Why only African-Americans are under attack, according to your conspiracy theory?

Why not the Jamaicans, the Dominicans, -- never mind, Why stop there why not the whole "minority" populations in the States?

Those chromosomes don't equally work for them as well?

let me stop here, This is the last blog of this type that I am wasting time on.


Bernadette S., March 8 2010, 9:40 PM

Topic: L'Agenda Cache Derriere Le Seisme: Homosexualite et Maladies

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