Pardon for the 10 American detainees

Sylvan De Lafeuille - February 10 2010, 12:01 PM

During this dreadful tragedy that Haitian people face, the world has gracefully come together in our help in an unprecedented way. Now that we are holding 10 American people in our jails where we cannot even offer them necessary humanitarian care even convicted murderers are receiving in jails elsewhere.

I know that we must abide by our laws in also enforce them to deter others from attempting to harm our nation.

However, under these circumstances, we must show that we are also a merciful nation.

Whether these 10 American people were acting in bad or good faith.

I am begging for their immediate release.

Let's show some mercy as others are showing great supports to us during this tragedy.

Please pardon them, and let them go. I pray you!

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