Haiti Was A Man-Made Disaster Before The Seisme

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Sometimes, I am asking myself if Haiti does have local elites?

When you go on the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic one would see the Dominican side real green and the Haitian side is dirt. Dominican Republic has more than 20 major Highways where Haiti has only 2 national roads.

Dominican Republic has more than 5 international airports where Haiti has only an old one. Haiti was a man-made disaster country before the earthquake with its dirty crook local elite.

Those people were self-enriching elites and they were only interested in making money.

They were sleeping with money under their pillows and the country was going down every day. The Haitian elites were destroying the country every single day. Haiti is seated under three tectonic plates that keep building a lot of pressure and the oil underneath of Haiti'soil plays a great role with that pressure.

If the oil is not used it could explode one day and kill most of the Haitians in Haiti.

The government must look for financing to exploit this oil before Haiti becomes the new Sodom and Ghomorrea of the 21st century.

Haiti has a lot of mineral wealths that need to be explored but the incompetent elites of Haiti refuse to get financing to explore them. People argue that one of the main reasons that Dominican Republic is more advanced than Haiti is this: Dominican Republic has 5% of Whites as the most top elite of the country.

They have 73% of Mestizos and 11% of Blacks and each elite group has representatives within a mixed elite of the wealthiest ones to make informed choices on behalf of their country.

Dominicans feel proud of their country and they are returning overseas to live and help their country whereas those dirty crooks in Haiti continue to tarnish Haiti's reputation and continue to keep Haitians in a forced exile.

Our Haitian elites claim that they are mix blooded people and they are proud of their White great great grandfathers to trace their genealogies, but the Mestizos in the Dominican Republic do not believe that Haitian elites have Whites in their blood.

Haitian elites are destroying Haiti's agriculture to import food in America whereas Haiti by vocation should be an agricultural country.

Haitian elites are responsible for Haiti's misery and suffering as well. Some people are advocating a Marshall Plan on behalf of Haiti and debt forgiveness within this package.

Others are arguing for a neo-liberal agenda to implement reforms on behalf of Haiti.

I would love to say something on this debate:

1. Marshall Plan includes short term loans with high interests to be repaid through graduated payment schedules of 5 to 10 years.

The money should be repaid through services such as highways, local roads, hospitals and education's economic development projects to name a few. Haiti has no infrastructures and who will build Haiti's infrastructures to implement those programs?

Who can trust those dirty crook elites?

They are so corrupted and they like to eat money as food to survive and let their country look like trash.

Those elites have tons of foods in storage homes in Haiti to sell while the population is dying of hunger.

They kept importing foods before the earthquake and they resold them through high prices to Haitians.

We in the diaspora must stop sending food transferts to Haitians in Haiti.

Use the United States banks to wire money to Haitians and it will not cost you a dime. Buy credit blank credit card at Wall mart, Kmart and Sears on behalf of your loved ones in Haiti and send those cards through DHL. When you buy the credit card, just give the name of your beneficiary so they can customize it for you. Request two copies and charge it with a $20 to start.

When your beneficiary in Haiti tells you s/he receives the card, go to any of those listed stores and charge it for the amount of money you want. It is a regular credit card and they charge you a fee less than $5 to start and you can use it forever where you are not charged any incurred fees. Wherever credit card is accepted in Haiti the person could use it to buy goods s/he wants.

We must boycott the elite businesses all over to teach them a hard lesson, for they are destroying Haiti and they must stop.

2. Neo-liberal agenda may interfere with sovereignty if one does not have a clean political system.

How does it work?

Our government should open its economy to foreign investments.

Multi-national corporations will come and they will invest in the country to replace the crook elites of Haiti.

Do you think those crooks that have their class interests to defend will give leeway to other corporations to invest in Haiti like they do in Dominican Republic?

Do you think they will let car manufacturers to come in Haiti to build highways for the purpose of selling their cars?

Do you think those crooks will let others to come to build modern schools to finance Haitian education and make it private as well?

Our current diplomas from Haiti have no value due to the fact our school curriculums do not respond to the international norms for schools' credentials.

However, Dominican studies worth wherever Dominican people go around the world because their higher education studies are financed by other countries.

If we could have good governance and good regulations in the market, we should not scare of debts or a privatization agenda like the Dominicans.

Who are helping us now besides of other foreign countries, Dominicans.

They were scared of neo-liberal agenda like us, but at the end they chose it to make a difference on the Island of Hispaniola.

We have a crook elite that keeps brainwashing us about neo-liberal agenda because they do not want competition to occur within their mercantilistic system.

They want to have the monopole of the market just to keep us in abject poverty.

Haiti does not even owe a quarter of Dominican Republic's debts.

Dominicans do not care about debts and they refuse to eat dirt like many Haitians in Haiti.

I know neo-liberal program is misunderstood in Haiti because the crook elites of Haiti want us to believe that they are protecting and defending us. They are shameful people and they want Haiti to live in abject poverty so they can continue to ruin their self-internal colony called Haiti.

Those crooks must disappear from the Haitian market economy, for they represent a threat to Haiti's self-advancement.

We cannot protect them, for they are crooks and shameful elites.

3. Our third solution is to call for revolution through self-determination rights like Cuba at all levels to eliminate those crooks which I do not support.

To start all over is a burden and White countries will impose embargos on us like they did against Rwanda.

We have two choices between Marshall Plan and Neo-liberal economy through Fair Market Enterprise and Concurrence with no monopoly on the market.

Will you trust Haitian elites again to borrow money to rebuild Haiti?

Will you give them another chance of trust after 206 years of mismanagement?

Or will you let others come and invest for better goods and services and create new regulations within this new market that will not jeopardize Haiti's sovereignty?

How many of you are for strong rules and regualtions to control the new Haiti's market economy for the protection of Haiti's sovereignty?

Please, I have analyzed three different choices for you and I have given you advices to teach a lesson to those crooks in Haiti so they can renounce to corruption and money laundering within the Haitian political system.

If you are Happy with those crooks you will return to the same old routines and we will still continue to be the Juifs errands of the Caribbean nations.

Read and read and provide thoughts.

I am not imposing my ideas on anyone and I just want you to be informed so you could make informed choices.

Some people will say this guy is selling Haiti, for they like so much the old routines and they want Haitians to eat dirt. Dominicans are better than us with their neo-liberal agenda program and they have more than 5 international airports and 20 highways and they provide good services like any other other countries.

And again when you are in Dominican Republic you feel like you are in New York, Paris, and Canada to name a few. That is the good side of the Neo-liberal program that your crook elites will not tell you. All Haitian elite members have castles in Dominican Republic and Dominicans will tell you the better paid managers or bosses in Dominican Republic are our Haitian elites, for they admire mestizos' beauty and their skin color as well. We are suffering of racism of our elites for being dark skinned people.

What a shame! Provide your thoughts and tell me what's the best option for Haiti's reconstruction now.

Mathieu Derisse, February 8 2010, 11:24 PM

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