Please do not be scared at all, for Haiti cannot be another...

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Please do not be scared at all, for Haiti cannot be another U.S. territory.

We have so many problems and it will be a burden for the United States to occupy Haiti.

In 1915, they had tried and it did not work and it will not work anymore.

Haiti is a sovereign country and the United States understands it. We are a member of the international community (U.N.) and no one within the United Nations will let the United States take over of Haiti.

Stop playing the Haitian local elites' game. If you have businesses within the Haitian mercantilistic system I can understand your fear because you have so much to lose, but otherwise you should not be worried at all.

There will be no such thing a U.S. occupation of Haiti.

Even the current president cannot sell Haiti to them. The United States is in the lead within the rebuilding process because they are a superpower, but that does not necessarily mean they can take over of Haiti.

We are a sovereign nation and we are a member of the United Nations and that will not work so why bother and panic.

Please refrain yourself from playing the Haitian elites'game.

We are socially brainwashed to play the Haitian elites'political game while leaving so many Haitians in abject poverty.

Stop all hypocrisy and help Haiti rebuild if you can. It should be the work of many nations to help Haiti rebuild, for the United States alone will not be able to afford the burden costs of Haiti without bankrupting its nation.

We hame too many problems and the international communities do not know where to start.

This time I swear to God I will not let the brainwashing and any political blame-game to occur whether through this site or in Haiti.

Haiti's abject poverty must end this time for real and there will be no room for hypocrisy.

The United States cannot occupy Haiti, for the costs and the risks are too high. I hope that you understand it. If you are an elite member, I feel sorry for you or for your parents, for the old routines cannot continue anymore.

I believe that you want good things for your country and you will not a bloody revolution to shake Haiti by killing the ones that are responsible for Haiti's misery.

I believe that you and I will not let that happen, for the costs will be too high. Think about Cuba and Rwanda.

Therefore, Lynda let social reforms occur and stop playing the Haitian elites'blame-game.

I am not selling Haiti to no one and simply let those nations help rebuild Haiti.

Mathieu Derisse, February 8 2010, 11:45 PM

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