Can Haiti Escape the US Upside Down World?

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Since the United States is exporting its homosexual culture worldwide, can Haiti escape its upside down world?

Should the Catholic Churches close their doors worldwide, for the homosexuality is not a sin anymore and the G10 Developped Countries are selling and promoting the Gay (Massisi, Madivinez) culture.

The Obama administration has just requested to lift the Gay ban that prevented Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersexe's people to openly serve in the U.S. army.

Now, for the third world countries that are not promoting the homosexual culture, the U.S. army will send more gays and lesbians in those countries to serve to sell that culture.

Since our country is not shielded against such a cuilture after the death of Duvalier Francois, what can we do to prevent homosexuality from being spread in Haiti.

As you may be aware, homosexual is originated from the world prisons based on Michel Foucault's research entitled "Society Must Be Defended", but it was very different in the segregated prisons with only same sex prisoners than it is today.

Today, scientists get so involved in it to reduce the world population, they have manipulated the heterosexual genes in many ways to create gays, lesbians, intersexes and transgenders.

Duvalier Francois was called a dictator because as a physicist he did not want the American scientists to discriminate black Haitians as they did and continue to do with African Americans.

The American scientists discriminate African Americans at birth by injecting anti-chromosome genes in their first shot injections when they are first born to become homosexuals and the conspiracy is working its way in many U.S. hospitals and in many other countries as well. Duvalier knew that and he knew all component parts of those vaccines and he refused to discriminate black Haitians to please the American scientists when he was in power.

Now, who would stand to defend our society since the Catholic Church has so many gay priests and lesbian sisters worldwide?

Should we close the Catholic Church in Haiti to shield our society against this new threat menacing heterosexual families?

Now, homosexual is more accepted than polygamy and polyandry, for this scientist created product can reduce the world population.

In schools, under Duvalier we had learned that all normal human beings carry 70% of his sex gene and 30% of his or her opposite sex gene and that is what creates attraction among men and women worldwide.

Homosexual is not a byproduct of heterosexual people and they owe their creation from scientists for the creation of the secret anti-chromosome gene's eugenic projects.

For instance, anyone from male or female born receiving the anti-gene of 30% after birth would develop 100% of his or her sex gene so that person would become gay or lesbian.

Any person receiving a 20% of owned sex gene reduction and another dosis of 30% of the opposite sex gene would become bisexual.

Some conservative people who have money and who do not want their children to become homosexuals, they went ahead to transform the sex of their children and through therapy they pay for other medicines to help their children cured from this threat and that is why we have transgender people.

Scientists have destroyed the Christian world thought about creation and if they were given the opportunity to create humans, they would go ahead and do it. They create viruses and they brainwash people to make them believe that those diseases are normal, and who are the most victims of those diseases, blacks, African Americans and other minorities.

In Haiti, corrupted people that want to make money sell their bodies through homosexuality to obtain certain positions or favors inside our clientelism system.

The true homosexual Haitians are born after the Fall of Duvalier's regime or in the United States and they are very young and they are between 25 or 30 years of age. What can we do to prevent an upside down world in Haiti with the spread of Homosexuality worldwide.

The Catholic church failed us and we cannot count anymore on the teachings of that church that are being dismantled by world scientists.

African Americans are the greatest victims of anti-chromosome gene, genetic or pathogenic diseases and other viruses created by white scientists on a global scale and that is why Obama wants to lift up the ban against those people to prevent further discrimination against them. What are your thoughts on this topic?

Educate yourself on the topic and tell us what can we do to prevent Haiti from being an upside down world like the G10 countries?

Should we plunge the country into sodomy and close all church doors or ask them to stay firm on their bible teachings to shield ourselves against this upcoming threat?

What can we do?

Should we denounce it and preach tolerance in our society?

Homosexuality is not a disease or a sin anymore so it is not a threat to the upside down world.

Why should we do?

Should we denounce the white scientists' conspiracy on this topic to decrease the number of homosexuals worldwide?

That is why the Muslim World is united against the West and especially the U.S. to prevent their religion from being corrupted by the spread of Homosexuality in their countries.

Americans are being watched everywhere in any muslim countries.

Can we do that?

Muslims have laws banning homosexuality and it becomes the shielded faith now against this threat.

What can we do?

Hitler had exterminated Jews from spreading homosexuality, loaning money with high interests and cloning people in Germany, and as result, the United States allows those scientists to continue the practices they used to do in Germany to develop its country.

What can we do, for the Catholic Church is under attack with homosexuality that the G10 countries are promoting.

We may know, it is not a heterosexual or God given right product.

What can we do since Duvalier Francois does not live among us. Duvalier Francois was a criminal or the Haitian society made him become a criminal, but we should give him credit on the homosexuality area.

Otherwise, many Haitians could be discriminated more than African Americans for homosexuality.

You may remember what they did against us with the 4H (HIV, AIDS) disease in the 1980s.

Share respectfully your thoughts while educating yourself on this important topic...

Pierre S. Blain, February 2 2010, 4:00 PM

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