Of course he should not be President of Haiti. At a time like...

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Of course he should not be President of Haiti.

At a time like this a persons ability to sing or his or her being popular is not an issue that will effect the nation of Haiti and its future.

I go back to what I have said all along and I know little will come of it because you argue with one another here just as their are rioters stepping over dead bodies in Haiti and people standing in line for water and food handouts.

What is important to understand is that the "relief" effort can't last forever and with all due respect to those who died the country had too many people for the land area it has anyway so this was natures way of reducing the population but Haiti still has too many people for the land area it has and the land has no trees so the situation is bad. I have tried to help and had people ask me to run for President then came all the nasty and sarcastic comments so I will simply give you my opinions on what will bring Haiti back. First is law and order and no South American country is there providing it only the U.N. and some U.S. who claim they are not interested to stay. So, what is to happen when they eventually go and what is in the best interest of Haiti as a nation?

First, as I have said in the past Haiti needs a military and Air Force which it had back when I lived and worked there under Baby Doc. Its needed now more than ever because of potential threats from Dominican Republic.

A military school is needed.

Who in their right mind would say an independent country shouldn't have its own military not only to keep order at home but to fight any potential invasion?

Finally, the ultimate answer for Haiti is to adopt the "Manifest Destiny" policy the U.S. had during the time of its expansion from coast to coast (for Haiti this means the liberation of the island).

Sure, this was a U.S. policy but thats why Haiti should adopt it because the U.S. can't complain when they did the same thing!!!

Earl Wheby Jr, January 21 2010, 7:17 PM

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Of course he should not be President of Haiti. At a time like this a persons ability to sing or his or her being... read more >
Earl Wheby Jr, 21-Jan-10 7:17 pm
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