Earl, wake up my friend, Haiti doesnt need an army or air...

Jay - January 21 2010, 8:09 PM

Earl, wake up my friend, Haiti doesnt need an army or air force, what haiti needs is job, food clean water, electricity, 3 major airports which would bring more business to the island, New hotels along the coast to attract foreign visitors.


Haiti needs more police only for peace purposes, men and women as police officers.

You are so out of touch.

Earl you need to understand one thing, people like yourself is too old to be part of the new Haiti, Haiti needs new mind, not someone who used to dine with Duvalier.

Your mind is archaic, and sometimes delusional.

It's pathetic to believe that some foreign country will invade Haiti, so you think the country needs an army to fight and protect the people.

Dude, I think you should put that Barbancourt bottle down. Haiti does not even have a fire truck.

They cant even help their own citizens under the debris of an earth quake, but you are talking about wasting money to build an army.

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