Wyclef can Fool Haitians not IRS

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Audit the SOB. this is the problem with haitians, they never fu**ing learn.

they still dont freaking get it, why?

cause they are ignorant.

Whyclef can fool haitians, but he cannot fool his american masters.

every imbecile think they can become president of haiti just because they can write a good song or play the guitare and make the people dance.

The dude is not educated or qualified to run his own house, now some idiots think he should be president.

after all, who gives a shit. haitians love to suffer, they dont get it. as long they keep putting those mindless incompetent human crap in power, the sufference will remain.

At the begining of his charity, I believe he had good intentions, but when money started to pour, the negro's eyes and brain got swollen.

As an accountant, i know for a fact that you cannot transfer your personal expenses to your CHARITY and try to get tax deduction.

its wrong and the negro should go to jail for trying to scam the IRS. His non-profit organization had turned into a profit one for personal gain. But again, what most haitian people see is, the man is trying to help. well NO NO NO He is NOT. The money is not his, it doesnt belong to him. One clear example for those who doesnt understand what i am trying to say: He went to Haiti with his musicians and gave a free concert.

After the concert, he returned to the United States and charged his organization $100,000 for the free concert he gave in Haiti.

While the haitians are praising him, the man is banking behind close door. Haitians would not know that cause they don't have Certified Accountants, Auditors, or Forensic Accountants to catch scamers like Duvalier, Cedras, Aristid, Preval and his incompetent administration.

Thats why they steal, cause they know, the people aren't educated enough to ask them tough questions, or transparency about the country's funds

Jay, January 20 2010, 11:55 AM

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Jay, 20-Jan-10 5:57 pm
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Calvin, 20-Jan-10 6:31 pm
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Soufnantiou, 20-Jan-10 7:30 pm
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Soufnantiou, 20-Jan-10 7:40 pm
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Jay, 20-Jan-10 9:22 pm
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Ghislaine, 20-Jan-10 11:46 pm
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Jay, 21-Jan-10 2:39 am
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Carline Sj Montreuil, 21-Jan-10 3:07 am
Blame it on the rain, blame it on the mulattoes, blame it on the white people, blame it on me. Typical excuse for... read more >
Jay, 21-Jan-10 11:48 am
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