Re: Haitians are victims of mulattoes' racism

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With an economic ruling class that considers 97% of dark skinned Haitians as inferior there is no chance for Haiti to become a developed and an advanced country.

Our education has been devalued and for four years of education in Haiti, any Haitian citizens that want to educate themselves they must accept one year and a half of their credentials to be transferred if they are lucky and some states do not accept any transfered credits from them. The mulattoes are responsible for that, for they have created an education system to keep Haitians as uneducated and inferior people, and if they persist to educate themselves, they should accept overseas the minimum of their credits for being transferred.

If they came from Saint-Louis Conzague or Petit Seminaire, College St-Pierre those good schools just to name a few, they can keep up with the flow in any U.S. universities or Canadian universities as well. Mulattoes' elites want to reduce Haitians to nothing as inferior people.

They boycott the Bernard's Reform and even PHONEP an institution that wanted to implement Bernard's reform was boycotted as well. The United States had plan to reform our educational system by officializing the Creole to make Haitians fight the high illiteracy rate, mulattoes boycott that by calling their French masters to come on board.

We have a lot to do in terms of reforming the economic system as well as the educational system that those dirty pigs implement in Haiti.

Mulattoes' Executive working inside of our administration are the shame of our country and we must kick them out. For instance, the United States is a big and powerful because it has a good elite, but those dirty pigs in Haiti exist to steal, corrupt and kill others through political assassination.

Mulattoes are responsible for all assassinations that occured in Haiti.

Mulattoes are the killing machines in Haiti.

Mulattoes used the uneducated blacks to poison and kill political opponents on Haitian streets and they always accuse CIA officers for orchestrating those killing.

Mulattoes brainwashed and continue to brainwash all Haitians by letting them believe the international communities are the ones to blame behind those killings.

Mulattoes brainwash Haitians to hit Americans just to keep their colony intact.

Mulattoes use division's tactics, kidnapings and assassinations to scare all Haitians.

The mulattoes are the killing machines in Haiti.

Mulattoes consider Haitians as inferior and they will not develop Haiti.

Mulattoes have control over all Haitian institutions such as courts, parliament and public administrations.

We must dismantle this killing machines.

Mulattoes are good in divisions and political killings.

Mulattoes made Haiti become a Port of Crimes.

Those dirty pigs must leave.

Some dark skinned Haitians told me this:Mathieu, we want to develop Haiti but those dirty pigs do not want us to do that. They admire Croix Des Bosales and Titanyins and others.

Shame on those dirty pigs and they must leave now. Mulattoes state that Haitians in the Diaspora should stay overseas to work as slaves so they can make money on them. We must start boycotting their network by using other means to help our loved ones in Haiti as many Africans are doing it now against their countries.

The Europeans train those economic ruling classes to make the third world countries become poorer.

We must stop playing their blame-game accusation.

We have third world countries because the European former masters instutute those economic ruling classes to serve their interests and make the third world countries become poorer.

Self-internal colonization is worst than foreign colonization.

Haiti is colonized by its own economic ruling class and they must leave, they should leave for the liberation of Haiti.

Those dirty pigs must leave.

It is better to replace those dirty pigs by other elites that are willing to help us better our people's economic conditions.

I believe the new France is sick and tired of supporting those dirty pigs. The U.S. elites are tired in supporting those dirty pigs which they call them the most repugnant elites of the world.

Those dirty pigs must leave now...

Mathieu Derisse, January 11 2010, 2:12 AM

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