Re: Two mulattoes' Presidents Destroyed Haiti

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Petion is responsible for the murder of Dessalines.

Petion poisoned Dessalines in his house located at the Rue De L'Enterrement after the Dessalines came back from the South Campaign.

Petion faked Dessalines's death through the assassination's plot of Pont-Rouge to please France and to receive help, but he did not get any help due to the fact France did not want others to know that they were behind this political assassination.

Petion killed Dessalines and all Haitians should know that period.

Jean-Pierre Boyer bankrupted Haiti through the payment of the independence debt. Mulattoes destroyed and bankrupted Haiti and they must leave.

We must stop playing mulattoes' blame-game division.

Mulattoes do not want power, for they have power inside their doublure administration as chefs de services, chefs personnels, managers, accountants and so on. Mulattoes are occupying all the executive level positions within the Haitian administration to steal and bankrupt Haiti.

We must fight them. Dark skinned Haitians are not managing the Haitian administration, but the mulattoes are. We must call them to leave this time, for the plot is being unveiled by Mathieu.

Mulattoes are responsible for poverty in Haiti.

Boyer and Petion are responsible for Haiti's poverty.

If we cannot do a progressive social revolution we must do like Castro to kick those dirty pigs out of Haiti.

Enough is enough...

Mathieu Derisse, January 11 2010, 1:17 AM

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