RE: Haitian Elites Perpetuate Self-Internal Colony

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Haitian elites are perpetuating self-internal colonization to keep the Haitian Diaspora in exile.

The MINUSTAH's forces are in Haiti to protect the wealth and the lives of the most repugnant elites of the world (MRE).

The Haitian elites represent the colored Frenchmen in Haiti.

They were loyal to France and they remain loyal to them until they die. Haiti has been colonized by its own economic ruling class through an administration of doublure (dark skinned blacks at the lower positions and mulattoes at all executive level positions and they are protected by Haiti's chamber of commerce).

The mulattoes'CEO management fails for the past 206 years and we must call for drastic reforms to change the administration of doublure.

Read all Mathieu Derisse's postings on this blog. I heard that the elites just asked 10 persons to post stuffs so people will not have the chance to read Mathieu's postings.

We will not be distracted this time. The elites in Haiti are good in killing their opponents and they are good at dividing Haitians.

We must be focused this time to end their management through real reforms and this way we will liberate Haiti from this self-internal colony as well as ending mental enslavement in Haiti.

We must call for real reforms to end the 206 years of theft by the mulattoes'CEO of Haiti.

Mulattoes must leave the Haitian administration now. All those mulattoes' chefs de service, chefs personnel, chefs comptables and so on must leave now. Haitian mulattoes' executives must go now. Mulattoes are financing kidnapping to keep the Haitian Diaspora overseas.

They believe if Haiti is peaceful the Haitian Diaspora will come to stay and invest and they believe their influenced will be reduced by the Haitian Diaspora.

They state that they are making more money with an unstabled country than with a secured Haiti.

Mulattoes are financing kidnapping to make the country become worst.

The Haitian police should make the kidnappers talk and they have plan to kill real police officers that are engaged in fighting their kidnappers.

Mulattoes always ask kidnappers to kidnap people who are coming from the Diaspora to prevent the Haitian Diaspora from coming.

I know some people are asking for a Duvalier's administration, I am not advancing such a cause, but we must remain focused at denouncing the mulattoes' elites in their kidnapping plans.

We must fight them till the end either through a progressive social revolution or a real revolution which we call the second Haitian Revolution.

We must dismantle the 2% hardliner mulattoes' administration in order to end kidnapping and corruption in Haiti.

Mulattoes are the ones to blame for the insecurity in Haiti.

The kidnappers are working on their behalf so we can not put an end to their corrupted administration.

I am calling 97% of dark skinned people and one percent of good mulattoes to join our fight to end corruption, theft, kidnapping and insecurity in Haiti.

The Haitian elites are accomplices in the kidnapping in Haiti.

The Haitian elites are killers and poisoners and they had killed many political leaders to keep their administration intact.

The blood of Jean Dominique, Antoine Ismery and George Ismery, good mulattoes just to name a few will not be passed under silence.

The mulattoes'elites are the killers of Haitians in Haiti and we must call to their end this time. We must eradicate mental slavement from the Haitians' minds so they can fight them. I am ready to die for the total liberation of Haiti.

We must call to an end to the mulattoes' self-imposed colony on the Haitians.

Mulattoes do not want Haitians to be educated and we must kick them out. we must ask the MINUSTAH's forces to leave Haiti, for those dirty pigs do not deserve their protection.

The Haitian elites are dirty pigs that are draining our economic resources.

The Haitian elites tarnish the reputation of Haiti and that is the reason we are not respected overseas.

Those dirty pigs must leave the country.

They are the new colons of Haiti and Dessalines and Christophe did not fight to create a new colony on behalf of those dirty pigs. They must leave, for their 206 years of their Doublure Administration fails.

They are the worst CEO managers in the world.

They must leave.

Haitians overseas and in Haiti must mobolize their forces to put an end to the mulattoes' doublure administration in Haiti.

They are calling me to negotiate and I am telling them that I do not need their money, for their time is over. They are dirty pigs and they are too corrupted and they should leave.

They must stop killing Haitians through assassination's plots to clung to power.

Enough is enough and Haitians' blood will not be siplled for no reason.

The elites of Haiti are dirty pigs and their colony must end...

Mathieu Derisse, January 11 2010, 12:58 AM

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