Haiti: New Racial and Social Pyramid

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Some of my information came from the book entitled "Haiti: The Politics of Squalor" written by Robert I. Rotberg with Christopher K. Clague, pp.41-64. Before, I argue my points, I would love to present Saint-Domingue (West Hispaniola) Social and Racial Pyramid.

We had the Grands Blancs i.e White Frenchmen Upper Class that owned slaves and most of the economic resources.

They were seeking autonomy or independence to be able to negotiate and trade with Saint-Domingue's neighoring nations and they reprensented a threat for the French Crown before the Independence of Haiti.

Next, we had the Petits Blancs i.e. French Poor Whites Middle class and they were the skilled labor such as teachers, carpenters, priests, managers and so on. They had citizenship rights like the Grands Blancs but they did not have economic rights.

This class was followed by the Mulattoes, whom were Colored Frenchmen and owned slaves and some plantations as well. Finally, we had the slaves that were the property of all the above classes and they did not own anything.

In that social racial pyramid, the black slaves were raped, beaten to death, and sometimes they were buried alive and their heads were left exposed to the sun and the White Frenchmen brought vicious dogs to eat their heads and deterred their bodies to finish eating them. As punishments, their ears and other body parts could be cut off and Jean Jacques Dessalines surnamed the Tiger witnessed all those atrocities and from there he started to develop his own cruelty strategies to deal with the Whites later.

If Dessalines were a criminal all Whites in Saint-Domingue were criminals and including the Mulattoes.

How did the mulattoes join the black forces in the independence fight?

Remember, the mulattoes and blacks' union was historical and conjunctural as well. The Death of Oge and Chavannes through the "Supplice De La Roue" brought mulattoes and blacks together, for it was a white's strong signal to teach a lesson to any group that wanted to oppose to their economic ruling class.

From that union, mulattoes knew that they would become the new economic ruling class after the independence due to the fact they had economic means and they had the necessay education and skills to manage the new society, but they were and still remain loyal to the Frenchmen upper class in France.

To retain their colored Frenchmen status, they ordered the killing of Dessalines through a sort of French's Conspiracy.

Petion poisoned Dessalines in his house after the South Campaign and he faked his death through that stupid Pont-Rouge assassination's plot that we are celebrating until today's date, for French and Mulattoes' historians would never tell us the truth about our own history and that is why we are brainwashed to be their slaves and to repeat the errors of the past.

We will venerate Petion as a true founding father for laying the bases of our Republic in instuting an Administration of Doublure with mulattoes working under the garments i.e. the CEOs managers at all important functions within our public administration and we will betray or portray Dessalines as a criminal.

The state of Haiti fails with its public management because the mulattoes' CEOs do not represent the interests of the Haitian society.

The Mulattoes' CEOs as managers, chefs de services, chefs personnels, directors, chefs comptables and directeurs the services in our public institutions are bad. Petion instituted a social network to enrich them and their families in making the state of Haiti become poorer.

The state of Haiti was bankrupted with mulattoes.

We must remember the mulatto president named Jean-Pierre Boyer who payed the independence debt to France by bankrupting the state of Haiti.

Haiti is one of the poorest countries because mulattoes keep bankrupting Haiti and their social network that we call the Doublure Administration exists to destroy Haiti.

We will never be nothing if we cannot destroy this social network.

We must fire all the mulattoes' CEOs within our public institutions to liberate Haiti through a progressive social revolution.

I am not talking about a bloody revolution, I am not talking about drastic reforms to dismantle the doublure administration by hiring new qualified public employees through a new hiring commission to liberate Haiti.

The Doublure administration tarnishes the reputation of 97% dark skinned people and 1% of true mulattoes in Haiti.

We must mobolize our forces to call for drastic reforms and we must stop playing the mulattoes' blame game by assuming that the international communities are responsible for our socio-economic ills. Our socio-econmic ills exist inside our public administrations that need to be reformed and stop blaming the international communities.

I am not advocating that they are innocent in our own economic plight, but we must be ourselves first to repeat Dr. Price Mars. We must start reforming our institutions by dismantling the Administration of Doublure for real reforms to occur.

Real educated Haitians whether blacks from the 97% and mulattoes from the 1% should be able to replace the 2% bad mulattoes' CEO managers within our public institutions.

Please stop the blame-game accusation i.e. soup divizyon.

Currently, we have a new racial social pyramid class in Haiti that needs to be dismantled through real reforms.

The New White Masters of Haiti are the 2% mulattoes that negotiate contracts on our behalf and they control everything through their Chambre De Commerce.

They are the ones that negotiate with the international communities on our behalf and they keep accusing us of having no will to develop their colony called Haiti.

Next, we have the New Mulattoes including the 1% of mulattos and the new corrupted black rich persons in Haiti.

This class has economic power but it does not have real legal power to change the economic conditions of the Haitian people.

They are complaining about that, but they are scared of the powerful 2% ones and they could be killed like Vincent Oge, Chavannes(Grands Blancs'murderers), Charlemagne Peralte, Dejoie, Antoine Ismery, Claude Ismery, Jean Dominique (New Grands Blancs' Murderers i.e.the 2% ones) just to name a few. They made Haiti become a port of crime and they are the ones to finance the kidnappings to keep the Haitian Diaspora in a forced exile.This class followed by the Haitian Middle class i.e. all the Haitian skilled workers like the Petits Blancs in Saint-Domingue.

The Haitian middle class has not real economic power, but they have limited political power by playing the mulattoes' blame game accusations to make their voices heard.

This time there is no room for such a "Soup Divizyon) due to the fact I came on board.

Real changes will happen and we must be ourselves by stopping the blame-game.

Finally, the restaveks and the very poor blacks in the colored Frenchmen of Haiti's society represent the former black slaves.

Dessalines and Christophe did not fight for such a society.

In the name of Jean Jacques dessalines we must call for a second revolution which will not be "Coupe Tet Brule Kay", but it will be a progressive social revolution which will instute a new Haitian Social Pyramid with no blame-game politics and Haiti will never be considered as a colony of the Colored Frenchmen of Haiti.

This progressive revolution will end mulattoes' racism against 97% of Haitian and there will no restaveks anymore.

We must mobolize our forces now to make that happen.

Please print this posting and distributing it to everyone and we must state this: Fok Sa Change tout bon to repeat the late Beloved Pope Jean Paul the second.

Viva Haiti and we are on the recovery road this time. If you are among the 1% of good mulattoes and 97% of dark skinned Haitian, join our movement to liberate Haiti from the 2% Colored Frenchmen of Haiti that are living in the mountains and that have the power to call the international communities to settle their feet in Haiti to protect their wealth as well as their lives.

The 2% mulattoes are the thieves of our society and they must go back to France to where they belong.

We must dismantle their colony's mentality to create a true society.

Mobization and we will get there and there will be no MINUSTAH anymore in Haiti.

The thieves must leave and their social network of theft which we call the Administration of Doublure dismantled as well...

All comments are welcome whether good or bad, I am not a dictator.

Mobilization till the last victory...

Mathieu Derisse, January 10 2010, 5:58 PM

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