I agree with you my friend and start blogging about that idea...

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I agree with you my friend and start blogging about that idea and I will do the same. Hilary Clinton just stated in one of her political speeches that Haitians must solve themselves their socio-ecomonmic ills despite multiple trips of Bill Clinton to ask the elites to implement drastic changes in Haiti.

The reason the Dominican republic is more advanced than us is the fact their elites do not want to be classed and regarded like the Haitian elites and they have dialog with their diaspora overseas.

Thoses Haitian cons prefer isolating us by not passing the dual citizenship law in Haiti.

They believe they can make more money with the Haitian people left in Haiti, for we must use their commercial network to send food and money to our loved ones in Haiti.

We must start boycotting their markets like many Africans are doing now against their corrupted elites in Africa.

Many Africans told me that they do not use their elite businesses overseas.

They purchase a credit card for $4.95 at Wall Mart or KMart and they charge it an initial deposit of $20 on it and they send it to their loved ones with their names printed on it. They send one copy of the credit card and they keep one copy for themselves and once their loved ones receive the other copy, they start putting money on it without paying any transfer fees and their loved ones used their credit card in stores that take credit cards in their countries or they ask for bank routing and account number to deposit money for their loved ones throughout all U.S. banks for free and the busineses are declining in their countries and their elites started to implementing reforms in their countries, we can do the same to boycott our corrupted elites in Haiti too. We must attack their businesses until they can see the need to make changes in Haiti.

Let's blog on the return of all our former Haitian presidents.

We must create a council or commission of all former Haitian presidents to show the international communities that we understand their conspiracy and we must call for drastic changes by terminating the employments of all Haitian public employees to rehire qualified people to end the Mulattoes'doublure administration.

This administration uses a few blacks to occupy lower positions on the system and they have mulattoes as chef personnels, chef de services, chef comptables and all other executive positions to steal money inside the political administration.

This doublure administration is backed up by the chamber of commerce of Haiti so we must call for real reforms to change the whole system.

We must close La Cour Corrompue Superieure des Comptes, La Cour Corrompue de Cassation et le Parlement Corrompu d'Haiti for real and drastic reforms to occur.

Please do not accept others in blaming the former presidents or the former prime ministers as well. We have a systemic cancer problem to solve in Haiti.

Big respect to you and I think that we are on the same page...

Mathieu Derisse, January 9 2010, 8:23 PM

Topic: All Haitian ex-presidents back...Good idea!

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I agree with you my friend and start blogging about that idea and I will do the same. Hilary Clinton just stated in... read more >
Mathieu Derisse, 9-Jan-10 8:23 pm


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