You know what I've realized? People who always act like they...

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You know what I've realized?

People who always act like they know something are the most delusional ones on earth and that includes you. Let me ask you something?

Do you think the U.S.A is a Christian country?

Do you know what kind of religion George Washington practiced?

I guess NOT. Let me give you a heads up. George Washington and his so-called KKK christian country practiced free-masonry.

That is the evilest religion on earth.

Why do you think there is a pyramid with the eye behind the U.S one dollar bill, and the words :"NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM" (meaning NEW WORLD ORDER) stated underneath it?

Google the pyramid with the eye and ILLUMINATI to know what I'm talking about.

You call yourself a christian when you're using the baphomet.

You call yourself a christian when you hate your brothers and sisters.

See, I don't have a religion.

I pray to GOD. I don't read the bible since it was re-written by the Illuminati to brainwash christians like you.

I'm NOT a voodoo fan, but voodoo is the most underestimated religion on earth.

Those that eat chicken alive don't practice voodoo.

The practice the same religion as George Washington which is Freemason.

Get your facts right. (Notebookblogz Haiti), August 16 2009, 12:22 PM

Topic: This vodoo sh.. has to go for Haitians to be free

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Latousen, 16-Aug-09 10:11 am
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Tiba, 16-Aug-09 12:03 pm
You know what I've realized? People who always act like they know something are the most delusional ones on earth and... read more >, 16-Aug-09 12:22 pm
Thanks for the warning Tiba. You and I have been blogging together for a long time, so you know that the moment a... read more >
Linda, 16-Aug-09 1:33 pm
Bizzare, I am against all religion--including Voodoo. I believe in God, but I think that his name has been used by... read more >
Linda, 17-Aug-09 4:34 am
AMEN,I understand where you are coming from,and I do agree with you.I myself am Haitian but though i've never went to... read more >
Michelle, 24-Aug-09 9:00 am
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