When will Haitians stop blaming Voodoo for...?

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It is so sad to see how many Haitians who are blaming the Great Voodoo religion for Haiti's poverty...

we Vaudouisant are not asking you to believe in what we beelieve in, but we just want you to aknowledge the countless amazing things that Voodoo did for Haiti...

Voodoo is a symbol of Unity and power.

whatever your religion might be, you must agree to that fact....

Sydney Noel, August 13 2009, 7:42 PM

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Well well well Here we have a Haitian N... talking about Vodoo a destructive and dirty practice as a source of power... read more >
Latousen, 13-Aug-09 8:02 pm
I am a proud haitian and I live in Haiti and I don't consider my self as a monster. As for Haiti being all those bad... read more >
Missy, 13-Aug-09 8:35 pm
youtube.com read more >
Cynthiablancvideos, 13-Aug-09 9:48 pm
Well this Cynthia does not really know what she's talking about.... she said that Haiti's poverty is the fruit of the... read more >
Sydney Noel, 16-Aug-09 1:12 pm
Sorry for those who's gonna read this, but Latousen you really are a reject of the society for thinking that way..... read more >
Sydney Noel, 16-Aug-09 1:30 pm
Sydney I see your point and as a matter of facts I am a ---secular individual who does not see spirituality in man's... read more >
Latousen, 16-Aug-09 1:48 pm
It is now time for us Haitians to call on the true God to give us our true independence. Yes Haitians called on the... read more >
Bizarre, 16-Aug-09 1:48 pm
Latousen My! my! my! You said "May be the constant fear and the permanent desire of you Voodoo practitioners have... read more >
Tiba, 16-Aug-09 4:40 pm
Well well Tiba since you poked at me I am going to answer you back in good faith. Have you ever had a chance to sit... read more >
Latousen, 16-Aug-09 6:14 pm
Latousen I now agree with you 150%? Many people on the blog believe that I am promoting or supporting voodoo which is... read more >
Tiba, 16-Aug-09 6:35 pm
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