All Haitian do is talking with no action

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I was on the multimilionaire site call McKenney you can see how much work he is doing in haiti.

He just run a marathon to bring hope to those that have nothing.

The first time I saw his web site He built houses for people at the border of DR and Haiti and their is a 105 years old women that say I will dye under a house.

Haitian instead of talking like that what are you keeping on blaming preval for everything.

Can't you do the same as McKenney.

He forget about what it was to turn to the haitian community in haiti.

I see those house that he build they look like those in florida.

That's what we suppose to do. not keep on blaming the government.

A lot of you have your personnal problem with the president and want everyone to involve in it. Please give haiti a chance I have that dream that everything will be ok in haiti for a long perod of time.

That's the way haiti always be falling then standing again.

The masters that a lot of people hate on this blog are doing our jobs for us without any discrimination.

The feeding our people building houses for them.

Marie, August 17 2009, 2:07 AM

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