Latousen I now agree with you 150%? Many people on the blog...

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I now agree with you 150%?

Many people on the blog believe that I am promoting or supporting voodoo which is a far fitch.

Like I previously said, I am not a voodoo priest, a hougan, a mabo, nor a voodoo worshiper either.

I am only debating the ligitimacy of voodoo as part of the Haitian culture.

Each government has their own propaganda that they use to scare the people in order to get away with their evil policies and other things.

In Haiti, as you mentioned the used voodoo, and Papa Doc used voodoo and the makout.

In the US the government use all kind of fear mongering.

I have called many times to keep religion out of haitian politics since catholic religion has so much influence in Haitian politics.

We know very well that religion has created and caused a lot of chaos, griefs, havoc, pain, and attrocities to makind in the name of God.

As I have been saying for a longtime now, the problems of Haiti lie directly on the incompetence and mediocrity of the Haitian governments and its polticians of their inability to accomplish anything for the country, and not voodoo, language or anything else.

If the government and all of its leaders were so competent and capable to accomplish something for the country after 3 long years in power, I don't think they would have called on Bill Clinton to come in and run the country for them.

This proves their incompetence and mediocrity, and their incapability to get anything done. Woudln't you agree?

Tiba, August 16 2009, 6:35 PM

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Latousen I now agree with you 150%? Many people on the blog believe that I am promoting or supporting voodoo which is... read more >
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