Nou bouke nou bouke Mwen sonje lakay

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If you can't do nothing about haiti Why you chose to come back. People are suffering more since you came back. how long "US" haitian have to wait to come back to Haiti Nou Bouke Nou bouke.

Things that i'm seeing the things that I'm hearing make me cry. It's all about money the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer it's all politics now. I guess Money worth more than the lives of those precious human being.

while you rich are eating good, people in the hood can't even buy a cup of coffee.

it has been years since we've waited for a change, it has been years since we've seen mothers, sisters, fathers, friends, brothers, cousins, crying for their loved one that the governement had taken away. One day haiti will change, One day Haiti will stand on her two feet and one day haiti will call again HAITI CHERIE

Eugenio Simonvil, March 6 2007, 10:41 AM

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