yes yes i like your idea on break haiti in sectors

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My freind I am with you 100% because haiti is not bad as they portray in the international news. all member in the haitian government are stupid, instead for them to promote haiti positively, they intead promote the poverty, all foreigners know about cite soleil, even wycleff try to promote our poverty, having say that I have a lot of respect for wycleff I think haiti be known in the world is because cleff stand up to talk about haiti and I give him credit for that. but we are not smart, we are the only country in this planet that when they talk bad about us our goverment do not take a stand to sxplain and defend haiti, even other county keep make fun of us, or bulling us we are like a bunch of retarded.

specially our senator, depute, consul, ministres, all of them act this way just to show the internationl community that we are poor, with expectations they will give us some ble (charite) that is why I like castro, and chavez, whenever and other country try to bulling them they stand up even that could cost them their own lives.

Remember, not too long ago, this stupid reporter went in haiti saying in less than 24 hrs he was able to have a child slave for $50 did you hear any anger from the president, our ambassador to come on TV to explain to the world the situation, because I know others country that are in the worse situation than haiti even usa, but bad thing stay hide under the rugs. even in america they are certain place whre the violance is soo high if they show it on International TV no one will come to America.

jamaica in is a place of violance where people are getting killed every day did you see that on CNN?

nope, they show you the nice beach and hide the dirty side behind, all country do it the same except haiti who is doing promotion for proverty, brazil who pretend he protecting haiti.

they are certain part of brazil people can even stay in their homes because the kidnappingis is a daily business did you see that on CNN?

nope, instead they show you the nice carnaval in brazil, did CNN never show you carnaval in haiti?

nope, why?

they think that will promote tourist to go in haiti.

Haitian flag day in miami in one of the top event in miami did CNN show it to you?

nope why> because that will show the whole world a positive side of haiti, When the haitian come to the boat how many TV crew you see in miami?

all of them CNN, FOX, NBC and more. all these example will atlease give the haitian authority same shame to change they way of portray haiti in the world?

Instead, all of them hide like a bunch retarded.

not too long ago this guy from CNN went on cite soleil to show about bad treatment inflicted on domestic kids in haiti, a such reportage will never been taking in a country like north Korea, because international is not allow to come in their country, take dirty pics like they did to haiti, this journalist will be arrested and put in jail, When I see sange Guptas in haiti doing that reportage with unique objective to put haiti down, to destroy our image, making tourist, and invester stay away from haiti.

I am mad as hell, where this reporter has the autorization to do a such reportage?

We sould have a law whomever who try to take dirty pics in haiti to put it on international madia should be arrested and persecuted, I do not care if you re haitian or else. As you can see in haiti everyone has an non-profit organisation, pasteur, monseigneur, pretres, politicians with unique objective to sell dirty pics of haiti in the international market in order to get money.this kind of behaviors create a certain parasitism among all haitians where we refuse to do our own things always expecting a sac of rice or old madicaman expire from those who bully us all the time in the media.

It is time to change that mantality.

it makes all haitian look like a bunch of parasits worthless, no personality, It is time to be selfsufficient.

my name is Ben if you want chek this internet TV and I have program 1 pm on sat. 1pm on sunday, you can also see under on demand you will see all other political show we had in the past click you can watch and leave your comment go to, I talk to much but I have too much to say. I want to hear from you some comments.


Dj Connection, July 28 2009, 4:31 PM

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My freind I am with you 100% because haiti is not bad as they portray in the international news. all member in the... read more >
Dj Connection, 28-Jul-09 4:31 pm


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