Jeanrobert Bastien, Please try to calm yourself down before...

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Jeanrobert Bastien,

Please try to calm yourself down before you blow another gasket (smile)!

Like you had adviced me before, sometimes, it requires some reflexion in the analysis of somebody's comments, the context in which the person expresses his/her views before jumping to any conclusion.

If you take a moment to think about it, you would realize that we, Haitians, as a people, are living in a cycle of revolving door, meaning we keep living in our past, we are stuck in our past.

Like you reported on the person statement "kote misie fe konnin nan reflexion-l se regime Duvalier-a ki la cause jusqu'a present ke peyi-a ap mal fonctionne tandis ke regime nan pa la encore depuis 23 ans" (Jeanrobert).

It is true the Duvalier era is over for 23 years now but its legacy and the mindset the Duvalier era has ingringed in Haitian minds and in the Haitian society is still alive.

The Duvaliers have created a culture in Haiti that is seemed to be very difficult for Haitians to walk away from.

It's like slavery that is over for 205 years, but we, black prople and Haitians, are still living that legacy till this day. Haven't you heard of the expression "slave mentality?" We are still living like slaves in a sense because we still have that slave mentality in our head/mind.

You also said "Min-m zafe football la Haitien nan radio vle politize-l a savoir ke si bagay yo pap mache bien pou jwe yo,
yo vle lague faute la sou prezidan peyi-a.Tout bagay sa yo doue regle par yon ministere des sports ki place pou kapab fe travay li kote Prezidan pa gin anyin a revoir nan sa" (Jeanrobert).

Again, you missed the point! of course Preval has a lot to do with it.
You must understand that the minister of sports is working for for the president.

He was hired by the president to run the sport department therefore he is an employee of Preval.

The minister of sports must report to the president and the president must check about the minister's job performance from time to time.

On the other hand, if the president has shown any real commitment to sports in his country, the president has the authority to fire the minister of sports for NOT doing a good job to promote and make sports big in Haiti providing the president provides to the minister with finance and the resources needed to do the job.

Jeanrobert, haven't you noticed the government declares a national holiday everytime Brazil is playing final in world cup?

And my point is, if the Haitian government can give that much importance/attention to the Brazilian footbal, why can't the Haitian government give that much importance/attention to the football of it its own country, which is Haiti's national sport.

In my opinion, the guy statement was right on target.

Understand also that sports and politics are usually go hand-in-hand.

Tiba, July 25 2009, 7:03 AM

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Jeanrobert Bastien, Please try to calm yourself down before you blow another gasket (smile)! Like you had adviced me... read more >
Tiba, 25-Jul-09 7:03 am
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Jeanrbert Bastien, 25-Jul-09 8:07 am


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