why not all well educated haitians get back to Haiti

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Why not all well educated haitians go back to haiti?

I was in a forum among thousands leaders discussing about haiti new development and at the time I had a chance to see all young haitians that were born in USA, very skillfull peoples that America keep for Haiti while they used to dend the bad one to kidnap people.

We have them all over Europe America, latino, the Caraibe.

It is time for the government to bring back all skills people that scateredin different country.

I do not think American if they come and help into haiti development will be as effective as without human resources that they keep from Haiti as theirs.

We need Haitian mining engeneers to come and dig our natural resources.

I do not want to live within people country anymore, I want to go back and work into my country, haiti I love so much.

Please give a chance to inmplicate into my country development because when I see how other people country is so nice, it is their people that do it.

Why not me too for Haiti?

president Preval, please give a chance to do something for my country, there are great investors that want to come and invest, great haitian millionaires, President Preval you see how President Obama is trying to change in the United States, if you can not do any thing for haitian people just because you do bring Haiti into the hands of God.
Haiti needs the blod of Jesus Christ not vodou, Haiti needs all true pastors to pray and act accordingly toward true development.

It is time for change! let go anddo it please.

Rev. Dorcinvil Wilkesse.

Rev. Wilkesse Dorcinvil, June 17 2009, 1:23 PM

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Tiba, 17-Jun-09 2:16 pm
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Gros-mornes, 19-Jun-09 7:20 pm
May be if you change your mental concepts of Haiti and try to be positive, that will start ball of change in Haiti... read more >
Dominique Michel, 22-Jun-09 8:25 pm
Dominique Michel Since you have a changed mental concept and you are so positive about Haiti, why aren't you down... read more >
Tiba, 23-Jun-09 4:01 pm
Tiba it would do you a lot of good if you were a little less combative and insulting when you respond to people who... read more >
Zac, 23-Jun-09 10:24 pm
Mr Zac, that is very good point! there is a great need for civility, respect, common sense, and honesty on this site... read more >
Zarien Krab, 24-Jun-09 1:37 am
Zac, I don't think your accusation of me being combative and insulting fair. You should have read Monique's message... read more >
Tiba, 24-Jun-09 8:04 am
Tiba, we all know that sometimes you can be a little harsh. However, in this case I agree with you that Monique's... read more >
Linda, 24-Jun-09 11:19 am
Sr., I did not have any intention to offend you to the point of being disrespectful. If I did, I strongly apologize... read more >
D. Michel, 24-Jun-09 11:38 am
It's always refreshing to see someone who is big enough to apologize. Monique, on this site we've all made mistakes. I... read more >
Linda, 24-Jun-09 12:37 pm
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